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The Bahamas, Abaco Islands Will Never Be the Same

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This week we had another Trump scandal, this one tied to a serious event - Hurricane Dorian.

The massive storm ravaged the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama Island earlier this week, and is making its way up the Eastern seaboard.

Death Toll Expected To Rise

At least 30 people have been reported dead in the Bahamas, and that number is expected to rise considerably.

"Literally hundreds, up to thousands, of people are still missing," said Joy Jibrilu, director general of the tourism and aviation ministry in the Bahamas. She says the death toll could be "unimaginable."

Writing On It Won't Make It Real

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The disaster is all the more reason for the president to take things just as seriously.

But he seems to have been busy with "Sharpiegate," which arose after a weather map appeared from the White House that seemed to show Alabama in the path of Dorian, though it's been quite a while since the hurricane was forecast to head that way.

And we know now that Dorian scraped the eastern coast of Florida, eventually making landfall on Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

The map from the White House looked like someone had drawn a semicircle around Alabama in black marker, in an effort to include it in the storm path.

What's Really More Dangerous?

Bored Panda

So people decided to have a bit of fun with this new presidential blemish, using a computer-generated Sharpie to highlight other statements the president has made that ended up being false.

Getting a Boost

Hmmm, maybe he is taller! That marker over his head is kinda convincing.

Dangerous Rays

Trump has made outrageous claims such as how those giant electric generating windmills cause cancer. This detailed illustration shows how waves of black marker can lead to death.

Looks Done To Us

He's always talking about how the border wall is being built. Now we have concrete proof.

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