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Heidi Klum At WAR With Ex-Husband, Seal, Over Taking Kids To Germany For 'Next Top Model'

By Mike Walters

'America's Got Talent' host Heidi Klum is at war with her ex-husband, Seal, after he refused to allow the couple's children to travel with her to Germany for the filming of 'Next Top Model.' The singer claims he is worried about the kids contracting COVID-19.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Heidi is asking the court for an emergency hearing to get a court order allowing her to take the kids to Germany in October.

In the filing, Klum points out that she is under contract to film the television show in Germany for 3 1/2 months this fall, and doesn't want to be away from her kids for such a long period of time.

The 'AGT' host claims the children only spend time with their father 'sporadic at best' and claims the children do not wish to spend that long of a period without their mother. She says if forced to leave them behind, the absence would be 'extremely detrimental' to all four children.

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Heidi Klum Claims Seal Is Refusing To Let Her Take Kids To Germany


In the request, Heidi filed a declaration explaining the desperate situation.

"I share joint legal and physical custody of our children, the children spend the vast majority of their time living exclusively with me. (Seal's) time is sporadic at best. In 2020 so far, he has spent about six weeks total with Leni, six weeks total with Henry, ten days total with Johan, and ten days total with Lou," Klum states in the documents.

She continues, "I come before this court because I am contractually obligated to travel to Germany to film the 16th season of Germany's Next Top Model, and request that I be permitted to taker our children with me. Although I have historically taken our children with me when I have needed to travel for work, Henry (Seal) has not yet approved of this trip."

Adding, "I have worked in television for many years, and am the host and lead judge of the show, which attributes for a large portion of my yearly earnings. My work in television supports or family. Neither Henry nor I pay child support to one another, and because our children are with me the vast majority of the time, I take on a larger portion of their regular expenses."

Singer Seal Allegedly Feels It Is Too Dangerous Due To COVID-19


Heidi, who is represented by celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser, claims Seal is refusing to sign off on the trip, saying it is too dangerous due to the outbreak of COVID-19. In the filing, she says he has "raised questions in light of the coronavirus pandemic" but is suggesting the children stay in L.A. with her "staff" and wants to continue seeing them "sporadically."

The 'Next Top Model' host claims she shares her ex-husband's concern over COVID, but says she has "made every effort to ensure that the children will be just as safe, if not safer, in Germany than in Los Angeles."

Interestingly, she points out that "the unfortunate truth remains that coronavirus infections continue to increase in California at present. By contrast, they have declined in Germany where people have been able to return to more normal lives."

"I am well aware of all the necessary precautions associated with the Covid-19 virus, and would never put our children at risk - - I have taken all the precautions for Germany the same way I do in the US. Considering the current state of the global economy due to the Covid-19 virus, I am grateful to still have a job and have the ability to provide for my family," Klum says.

Heidi Klum: Seal Only See's The Children 'Sporadically'


Heidi claims there is a bit of resentment in the refusal from Seal, claiming, "It is my understanding that, in objecting to my request to travel with the children to Germany, (Seal) has said that I should not be traveling during a pandemic because I do not "actually" have to work. I have had to work all of my life, and never had help from anyone in supporting myself."

In the filing, Heidi claims she talked to Seal, who is repped by Joel Schwartz, about the situation in April and he agreed to allow it, but has recently changed his mind.

"Sadly, I had to then go through our lawyers with hopes of coming to an agreement or a compromise. Our four children have stated, on multiple occasions to me and I understand to him as well, that they do not want to stay in LA with their dad without me," she explains.

Heidi included an incident in the filing where she describes her kid's having issues while staying with their dad -- "When the children were staying with their father this past Christmas, Lour and Johan cried and asked me to pick them up after a few days, so I cannot imagine them being without me for months," she said.

See Heidi's Daughter Letter To 'Daddy' Seal About Making The Trip!

The Blast

She contiuned, "I am a hands-on parent and I have one nanny to help me with our four children. Even though I have a busy career, our children are my number one priority. I manage every single aspect of their lives: I oversee their schooling, tutoring, lessons, and activities, I cook for them, I take them to doctors' appointments, I listen and help solve their daily problems--things that Henry (Seal) has not previously managed for them."

In the documents, Heidi included a declaration and a letter from her 16-year-old daughter, Leni, who wants to make the trip partially due to her first major modeling gig with Germany 'Vogue.'

Heidi Klum Is Asking A Judge To Force Seal To Allow The Kids To Go To Germany


"I love my father very much and don't want to hurt him by 'picking sides,' and this shouldn't be taken as picking sides, but I would like to say for myself and on behalf of my 3 siblings we believe we should be staying with our mom and traveling to Germany," Leni says in the documents.

Also, Leni says she attempted to discuss the request with Seal, and even wrote him a letter, explaining her position. But, she never sent it because he "got mad" after she brought it up during a lunch date.

In the end, Heidi is asking the court to intervene and order Seal to allow the children to travel and live with her in Germany.

At this point, a judge has yet to make a decision on the case.

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