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Harvey Weinstein Responds to Rose McGowan's Rape Allegations: It's All 'a Bold Lie'

By TheBlast Staff

For the first time, Harvey Weinstein is directly responding to Rose McGowan, who is currently promoting her book in which she makes allegations of sexual assault against Weinstein.

Ben Brafman, an attorney for Weinstein, tells The Blast, "As a general matter, Harvey Weinstein and his attorneys have refrained from publicly criticizing any of the women who have made allegations of sexual assault against Mr. Weinstein despite a wealth of evidence that would demonstrate the patent falsity of these claims."

He continues, "Watching the 'performance' by Rose McGowan as she looks to promote her new book, however, has made it impossible to remain quiet as she tries to smear Mr. Weinstein with a bold lie that is denied not only by Mr. Weinstein himself, but by at least two witnesses."

Brafman says that Jill Messick, McGowan's manager at the time of the alleged incident in 1997, wrote an email to Brafman that says, "When we met up the following day, she hesitantly told me of her own accord that during the meeting that night before she had gotten into a hot tub with Mr. Weinstein. She was very clear about the fact that getting into that hot tub was something that she did consensually and that in hindsight it was also something that she regretted having done."

Weinstein's attorney also says that Ben Affleck — who McGowan has claimed knew of Weinstein's actions despite his public rebuke of the famed producer — sent an email personally to Weinstein recently that read, “She never told me nor did I ever infer that she was attacked by anyone. Any accounts to the contrary are false. I have no knowledge about anything Rose did or claimed to have done."

Shortly after we posted this story, McGowan wrote on Twitter, "I'm going to step on your fat neck for all time #HarveyWeinstein. I WILL SAY YOUR NAME. It is you whi [sic] did this to us. THIEF! And to all of you scoundrels aiding predators you are damned for the hurt you’ve caused. We reject your social lies. Name it. Shame it. Call it out. #CitizenRose"

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