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Employees at this Las Vegas CrossFit Apollo prepare for a protest.
Twitter / CrossFit Apollo

The owners of a gym in Las Vegas are preparing to open as soon as possible, even though that state is not allowing gyms to reopen right now.

Monica Cole and her son, Chad, are co-owners of CrossFit Apollo in Las Vegas.

As a small business, they said they are struggling, and that's a reality for so many businesses around the nation as a result of the longterm lockdowns due to coronavirus.

Protestors gather for gym reopening.
Twitter / CrossFit Apollo

"These are just regular people trying to stay healthy and do that through exercise and it’s a peaceful non-confrontational type protest," said co-owner Monica Cole.

"We need people to realize that this is a reality that’s crushing families, crushing our family, and it’s tough," said Chad Cole.

Chad says their Apollo Crossfit has lost $60,000 and are now in debt with their landlord. The two say they plan to reopen the gym regardless of what the state says.

Some gyms are open to limited capacity.
Unsplash | Danielle Cerullo

Video posted by Fox5 Las Vegas showed protestors exercising out in front of the gym, and many were clearly not social distancing.

Reporter Kyla Galer tweeted: "A Las Vegas CrossFit gym is getting ready to host a workout protest outside of the gym. The owners said civil disobedience is their last resort & they are fighting for all small businesses who can’t open yet."

Galer reported that one of the owners said, “We've done our part, now it’s time to move on," regarding this protest.

Gym protestors working out outside the gym in Las Vegas.
Twitter / CrossFit Apollo

@A_P_Delchi made an astute observation:

"For people who took all the precautions in the world inside their gym, taping off spaces and so on to ensure people were a safe distance apart .. they threw it all out the window for the parking lot version. Wow."

@KAMILLE_07 said that the CrossFit gym she goes to has switched to Zoom workouts while sticking to the same business model -- problem seemingly solved.

"I mean....they can always do what my CrossFit gym has been doing....Zoom workouts...and we still pay our monthly payment. Do better, Apollo."

"Ummm they cant do that at home? They are doing squats...lmao," said @ambrz2fly.

People in New Jersey are also protesting gym closures.
Twitter / @taylorcontarino

The Las Vegas gym is certainly not the only one to take part in a protest to try to reopen sooner rather than later.

In New Jersey on Monday, several gyms held protests to voice displeasure with the fact that these small businesses are taking a punch during the pandemic.

Gym owner Kyle Newell said he doesn't mind if he gets arrested or fined during the protest, and said their business was already operating, though at a limited capacity. Newell further said that they are sanitizing the site.

“This is our sole source of income. I spent 20 years building this business and I’m not just gonna let it fade away,” said Newell.

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