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This Food Network Chef Has the Highest Net Worth

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By Emily Reily
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Who Gets the Gold Ladle?


Food Network chefs Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay are huge successes in their own way, but which one takes home the most?

According to Cheatsheet, each has their own delectable TV series, books and recipes, but only one can be on top.

Giada's Cooking Is Chef's Kiss

Giphy | The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Giada De Laurentiis is known for her Italian cooking, and hosts Food Network shows like "Giada At Home," "Everyday Italian," "Giada In Italy," "Giada Entertains," and "Giada's Weekend Getaways." Can you tell the shows revolve around Giada?

If you don't watch her on the Food Network, you can catch her in a guest spot on the "Today Show," or read one of her many books, or maybe visit one of her successful restaurants.

De Laurentiis had to cut back on her career endeavors to take care of her daughter, Jade, and make sure she she was a part of her life.

Making Time For Family While Still Raking In the Dough

Giphy | Food Network Canada

According to "The Cut,", De Laurentiis had to do some soul searching when it came to her work/life balance.

“Years ago, I used to jump on a plane every week and go to New York, do the" Today Show" and work. And then I realized, ‘If I continue this, I will not see her grow up.' I started to make decisions about my schedule — what I can bring Jade to and what I just had to say no to.

I started to say no to a lot more things, and then I got divorced, and now I say no to even more things because my time with her is limited.”

No matter -- de Laurentiis' net worth stands at $30 million.

Flay Is Far and Away A Mega Star


Bobby Flay may be the more popular of the three chefs, with restaurants in many major cities like New York and Las Vegas. But he's still a Food Network host, with shows like "Beat Bobby Flay," "Barbecue Addiction: Bobby’s Basics," and "Brunch @ Bobby’s."

Flay also has a web series "Bobby Flay Fit," in case you needed more Flay in your life. His net worth is also about $30 million, on par with De Laurentiis.

Rachael Ray Wins This Round

Giphy | ABC Network

But Rachael Ray takes the cake, bringing home a net worth of about $80 million. She has a syndicated talk show under Harpo, Oprah Winfrey's production company, has several books on best-seller lists, is a regular on the Food Network, and has even founded a music and food festival.

Her magazine is called "Rachael Ray Every Day," so every single day you can get juicy cooking tidbits from the popular chef.

And She Has Bacon Tips


On a recent post, she offered some timeless advice when cooking everyone's favorite food: Bacon.

"If you're cooking bacon in a frying pan, you're doing it INCREDIBLY wrong! Get yourself a slotted pan!!⁠

Arrange bacon on a slotted baking sheet and bake to crisp, 15-18 minutes. No flipping, no spattering, perfect and evenly brown every time."

That's probably why she wins this cooking contest.

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