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Eddie Murphy Says Women Love That He Has 10 Kids

By Jeff Mazzeo

Eddie Murphy has 10 kids with 5 different women and he would not change a thing because having such a large family makes him "happy." The star told Ellen DeGeneres that he enjoys seeing the reactions of people when they learn about the sheer number of children the comedian has.

"Does that seem like a lot to you, or does that seem okay?" Ellen asked Eddie before he quickly replied, "No, I like it. I’m happy with it. It's funny the reaction the audience gives."

Eddie went on to explain the differences between the reactions of men versus the reactions of women.

"Men kind of look at me like, 'He's crazy. How much did that s--t cost?' And women, it's kind of like, something sexy about it, I think. 'Eddie Murphy must be doing this thing. Eddie Murphy be getting it in,'" he told Ellen and the audience.

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Eddie's Kids

Giphy | Laff

The ages of Eddie's kids range from 1-30 with his latest baby being born last December. He welcomed a baby boy named, Max Charles with his fiancee, Paige Butcher.

Here is a list of all his kids and their ages.

Bria Murphy, 30, Eric Murphy, 30, Christian Murphy, 29, Miles Mitchell Murphy, 27, Shayne Audra Murphy, 25, Zola Ivy Murphy, 19, Bella Zahra Murphy, 17, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, 12 Izzy Oona Murphy, 3, Max Charles, 1

He shares son Eric with Paulette McNeely; daughters Bria, Shayne, Zola, Bella, and son Miles with ex-wife Nicole Murphy; son Christian with Tamara Hood; and daughter Angel with Spice Girl Mel B, according to US Weekly.

He Could Win An Oscar


Ellen congratulated Eddie on his recent Netflix movie, "Dolemite Is My Name" and said that his performance is getting Oscar buzz.

Eddie expressed that the movie was a passion project for him and the comedian that played the Dolemite character, Rudy Ray Moore, was one of his idols. "He bulldogged his way into show business," Eddie said when describing what made Moore so special. Eddie touched on the outfits he wore in the film and talked about how outrageous outfits were in style when he was a kid. Ellen was particularly impressed by the clothing so she surprised Murphy with a tiny version of the Dolemite costume for his 1-year-old son.

He's Coming Back To Stand Up In 2020


Murphy teased his upcoming hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live" and joked that he might demand to play Buckwheat, which was a character he did when he was a cast member. That conversation led to him announcing that he is going to start doing stand up comedy again.

"I haven't been back in years, and I won't be wearing anything like that," the star explained as he pointed to a picture of him from an old comedy special he put out.

Murphy said that he will start making unannounced appearances at local comedy clubs to work out his new material.

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