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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This HUGE Lipoma Pop Out Looking A Bear On The California Flag!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to embark on removing a giant lipoma from one of the oddest locations we have ever seen -- the patient's side! But, once she does, this cyst looks like a gnarly version of the bear on California's flag!!

"NEW LIPOMA ALERT! 🚨," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video on Instagram.

In the clip, you can see that the good doctor slices open the side of the patient's abdomen to get at the giant growth, it is brutal!

Check This Out!

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Check Out The 'Bear' Start To Show It's Face!


The video is unreal. At one point, Dr. Lee even sticks her entire finger in the hole she cuts out, just to get her hand around this massive lipoma!

"Is that an odd place for a lipoma?" one person said.

"Good one Doc!!!🙆🙌🙆🙌" another added.

After she gives it a good squeeze, the tip of the cyst starts to pop out of its hole, and the popaholics had a field day with what it looks like!!

"It looked like a nose when it first popped out. Lol😂"

Check It Out!

Here It Comes!


"Looks like the alien from that movie 😳... good job Dr Lee 👌🏻" a fan posted.

Another said, "Looks like a chunk of mangoes I just ate."

The best one, "Micky D's Chicken McNuggets!"

Now as for the California Bear, Dr. PP explains to the patient that she thinks the lipoma looks like the animal on our flag. It's priceless!

You have to wait until the good doctor turns it sideways to get the full view of what she is talking about, but when she does it's awesome!!

Watch This!!

It's 'California Bear' Time!


"I’ve watched some bedside procedures on cyst removals. They were pretty rough, but you make yours look not as traumatic, " a fan posted.

It's true, the entire process if very smooth, but it partially because this monster comes out in one piece!

"Best one I've ever seen!!!" another wrote.

We have to admit, we love when a cyst opens up and pours out a bunch of liquid all over the place, but if we have to watch a whole lipoma, this is the one!

Take a look at the entire video, it's worth it!

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