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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This HUGE Neck Cyst Pulled Out Like A Baby Being Born!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is taking on the role of OBGYN for this popping session because she is about to deliver a cyst that is the size of a baby being born!

"Brand NEW Lipoma 😍Here’s a short clip! This huge lipoma felt like it was suctioned to the patient, like the last bit of ketchup in a bottle," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new pop video on Instagram.

In the clip, you can see this patient has grown a MASSIVE lipoma on the back of his neck -- and what comes out is amazing!

Take A Look!

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Here Comes The Baby!!


"Looks like delivering a baby 👶🏼" one fan wrote after seeing the doctor slice open the top of the skin and begin squeezing this thing out of the neck.

The process is complicated, Dr. Lee has to work her way around the cyst and make sure it comes out in one whole piece. At the same time, she is pulling and squeezing it out!

"The closest he’ll come to having a baby lol" one fan said jokingly.

Another added, "You need gloves with little grippies for those slippery babies 😂."

Watch This!

The Rippin' and The Tearin'!!


"Lipoma: I AM BOOOORN!!!!" a fan posted after this lipoma baby makes its grand entrance into the world!

"Whoa! That one was rough! Welcome to the world little guy!" a popaholic wrote in the comments.

After seeing the size of the growth, many fans are blown away at how someone could have this growing on them for that long! "Oh no it’s like a baseball stuck to his neck!!😵I’d think I’d pass out if I had one of those 😱" a fan wrote.

You Gotta See This!



In the end, the doctor no only pulls the entire thing out in one piece she holds it up with two hands to show the camera!

"Looks like two kidneys!!" one person wrote! Yes, it does!

Many fans want to know how much this monster weighs, considering he had to carry something that size on the back of his neck for a long time.

"My question is, do you trim off the excess skin before you suture so that the area looks tight again?" Good point, that's why she is the best!

See The Entire Video!

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