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Dr. Pimple Popper - Giant 'Cherry Pit' Cyst Explodes Out Of This Head

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has a massive pilar cyst on her hands, but luckily for us, she convinced the patient to let her cut it out after several years.

"A little Boston Cherry Pilar Cyst!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video. In the clip, Dr. Lee is forced to slice open the top of the massive cyst, but with a few squeezes the entire thing comes out whole.

"That genuinely looks like a cherry🍒" one fan pointed out.

It may not be the type of cherry you want to enjoy in a piece of pie, but it definitely looks like a cherry when it fires out!

Take a Look!

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It's Cherry Time!


"Is that Betty White speaking?? 😂" one person commented.

It's not, but the woman is heard in the video admitting to Dr. Lee she finally allowed her to take this bad boy out.

"It came out whole! That makes it so much easier! That way you don't have to worry about getting the sack out," a fan posted. Another added, "The ones you pull out intact like this are amazing. The various variety is weird and cool at the same time."

Check It Out!

Here It Comes!


You have to see this video, the cyst that finally comes out of this head is unbelievable!

"It looks like an eyeball!" one fan of the show said.

And just like true popaholics, one person asked the greatest question we have seen in a long time..."Do you make necklaces or key chains from some of these?"

Check It Out For Yourself!

What About The One On His Nose!


This is a first! Dr. Pimple Popper is taking on this blackhead on a gentlemen's face...but fans of the show are upset she isn't paying attention to the much bigger one on his nose!

"Sometimes the pops surprise us all! 👉🏻🎉👈🏻" Dr. Sandra Lee said of the video.

She isn't kidding, in the video, this tiny blackhead is actually filled with tons of juice that explodes out when she squeezes it.

But, it's really hard to not look a the bigger one!

I Can't Look....


Popaholics can not watch this video without continuing to beg the good doctor to attack the nose zit!

"Nah we need that joint hanging off the side of his nose," one fan posted.

While watching the video, many fans had the same thought, "In my mind, I was like “get the nose!!” Another added, "Hope you cleaned the one by his nose!!"

They continued, "Omg get that one by his nose its going to be awesome!!...and "I thought they were about to pop the bump on his nose!!!"

The best one..."Oh Gosh! What about the nose? I was anxious about it! 🙈"

See The Video!

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