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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See The Incredible Face FILLED With Blackheads Get Popped!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper had the privilege of attacking a face with n entire blackhead minefield that looks like it will never end! You have to see how she takes this thing apart!

"Happy Valentines Day to all my Popaholics! 💕 Sending you all my pop love today!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video. She decided to share this one on the holiday. Couples only!

Just take a hard look before you see her start to pop it all...those are ALL blackheads!!

The video is nuts, you have to see her use a tool to extract them all!

Take A Look...

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Check Out The New Tool Go To Work On The Blackheads!


"How does it get to be this bad?" one person asked after seeing this patients face.

"Wow this entire mask is blackheads?" someone pointed out. It literally looks like a black mask is on his face!

all the stuff busting out with minimal pressure applied like “help!! We’ve been trapped under this old man skin for too long!!”

In this video, you can see how it takes Dr. Lee TWO different tools to help her get all of these suckers. It is nuts! At one point she pulls out a tool we have never seen before, its got a circle looking contraption at the end...

You Have To See This...

How Did All That Come Out?!


"I'm just grateful this stuff doesnt happen to me, I get a few pimples here and there but this is just unfathomable," a fan of show said.

We agree, can you imagine having all of these on one part of your faces?!

And you knew this one was coming..."It looks like he hasn't washed his face a day in his life😳" It's a good point, we have no idea how it got so bad!

Another added, "I know this was asked already. But how it gets so bad. I see one and freak out and get it out..."

Bottom line: "Scrub. Your. Face."

Watch The Insane Video!

The Monster Ear Cyst Explodes!


By the looks of the size of this cyst, Dr. Pimple Popper has a lot of work on her hands. And we get to see it all!

In this video, the cyst starts crawling out of this young ladies face like a pair of snakes!

"Loooooooooord!!!" one fan posted after seeing the two snake looking streams blast out of this cyst!

"Aggghhh!! I loved that! And just like that, it’s gone!! I can’t get enough of this." another person posted.

You have to see how this thing ends -- after the good doctor puts the squeeze on it, the snake streams merge together and the amount that comes out is unreal!

Keep Scrolling...

Here It Comes!


The best part of this pop session is at one point the two snake looking streams look like the head of Medusa! And the popaholics know it!

"LOVE IT! The Medusa Cyst! Such a goodie," one fan said after seeing the video.

"Those are so painful what a relief for her," someone pointed out. You know that one hurt before the doctor squeezed it all out!

"I LOVE THE CHEESY ONES," another commented. Ya, so do the rest of us! You have to see how narly this one is...

Watch The Snakes Fly!

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