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Dog the Bounty Hunter Is More Determined Than Ever During Series Premiere of 'Dog's Most Wanted'

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted
By Jeff Mazzeo

The series premiere of WGN America's new show, “Dog’s Most Wanted,” did not disappoint.

In fact, it showed a Dog Chapman who was more determined than ever to hunt down bad guys.

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Dog Gets Up Close & Personal

Gettyimages | Scott Olson

There are two sides to Dog that were shown in the first episode. One where he is extremely nice and grateful to the Hawaiian locals who help him track down fugitives, and another where he is an intense authority figure on an unrelenting quest to catch bail jumpers.

One scene featured Dog getting in the face of an informant, who may or may not have been fully cooperating. The informant started to raise his tone to Beth, and Dog and the bounty hunter was not having it.

“He ran over my daughter!!!” Dog screamed at the uncooperative informant when referencing a scene where their target slipped through their grasps and made a dangerous getaway that left Dog’s daughter and grandson with minor injuries.

“You can’t be trusted!” Beth exclaimed ... but that’s when the informant stated to get a little nippy.

“Stop yelling at her!” Dog snapped as he defended his wife.


WGN/Dog's Most Wanted

At one point during the episode, Dog tells the viewers that Hawaii is the hardest place to track people down, so they are enlisting the help of some new technology to help them find the fugitives.

The crew relied heavily on the use of drones for surveillance, which got the job done as the drones were able to get a good view around the lush and dense Hawaiian landscape.

Just when they thought all hope was lost, the team reviewed some of their drone footage and were able to lock down the last known location of the man they were searching for.

Beth Was Not Satisfied

With out giving too much away, the hunt from the first episode was not fully finished and Beth expressed her frustration and desire to get every fugitive they set their sights on.

Dog and the crew were able to accomplish a lot during the course of one episode, but Beth remained disappointed and expressed her frustrations in not getting a collar on their bail jumper.

Beth Health Struggle

Gettyimages | Ilya S. Savenok

As promoted, the series focuses on Beth’s diagnosis with cancer and treatment as she fought for her life.

The episode started off with a phone call that explained how Beth's tumor was not getting better and she needed to start chemotherapy.

She also explored other methods of treatment, which even had her dabbling with the benefits of CBD medication.

The cancer diagnosis is what fueled Dog and Beth to get back on the hunt and the reality star believed the whole process was beneficial for Beth during the last days of her life.

“Dog’s Most Wanted” airs Wednesdays on WGN America.

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