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Hospitalization Is a 'Wake-Up Call' for Dog the Bounty Hunter

By Mike Walters

Dog the Bounty Hunter is due to be released from the hospitalized in a day or two, but we're told this was a huge wake-up call for the reality star. He has been told start taking care of himself and getting healthy.

Sources close to the **'Dog's Most Wanted' **star tell us, this was a very scary incident for Dog and his family. There was a moment when he was first admitted to the hospital that the family feared he had a heart attack and it may require surgery.


But, it turns out his test have come back clear and he is going to be fine. The conversation now has turned to getting his health back in order. Dog has suffered for a while from high blood pressure. His doctors have advised him to take it easy and work on getting all the numbers to a normal range.


Plus, he has been under a huge amount of stress. His beloved wife Beth's death was very hard on Dog. He has also just ended a huge press tour for his show on WGN, 'Dog's Most Wanted.'

He has been told to take it easy, and get healthy and try to relieve some of the stress in his life. The doctors are running a few more tests, and if they don't find anything else he will be free to go back to busting bad guys.


As we reported, Dog and his family, are relieved after it was determined he did not have a full-blown heart attack his recent medical emergency.

Dog was rushed to a Colorado hospital after experiences chest pains, and it was believed to be a heart attack. But, he underwent a series of tests, including an angiogram, and it was determined he was clear.


Dog's daughter, Bonnie, supported her dad and posted a throwback photo of him saying, "Love you, pops."

The TV show fans are also rallying around the reality star, sending well wishes on social media.

Time to make a few changes we all need to lecture your diet, break some bad habits, and exercise more.

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