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'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Is NOT Dating Anyone Following Wife Beth's Death

By Mike Walters

Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman is spending his first Christmas holiday without his beloved wife Beth, and although there are rumors he's in a new relationship, we are told it's just not the case.

Christmas is going to be bittersweet for Duane Chapman as he spends time with his family while he still mourns for Beth. In the six months after Beth's death, Dog has continued to run the family business of bounty hunting and the various shops and stores in several states.

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Dog Is Not Dating At All...


A friend of the family, Moon Angell, has worked with the family as administrative support at Da Kine Bail Bonds for over 20 years. Earlier in the week, a story surfaced on Twitter alluding to the fact that Dog maybe now romantically linked to Moon. We are told it is just not true. Dog is not dating anyone at this point. Dog is still coping with the death of his soulmate, the couple spent nearly thirty years together before Beth's death.

Dog is honoring Beth's memory this holiday season by making sure the family follows some of her favorite Christmas traditions.

First Christmas Holiday Without His Wife


"Beth was old style, old-fashioned. So, you know, that means the tree and the presents. All the stockings hung I'm trying to keep that exact tradition," Dog told Entertainment Tonight.

He continued, "I've got it all decorated. All the stockings are hung. We always left -- when the kids were young -- cookies for Santa, and I think I'll do that this year also."

Dog revealed how emotional it was for him to decorate the house without Beth, especially getting the Christmas tree ready. "Every little ball that's on the tree, every ornament, you know -- there's 20 years plus of ornaments on that tree -- so as I hung them, I remembered where and when we bought each one."

It's Been "Really Hard" So Far Without Beth

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk

Duane is still dealing with the emotional situation, telling the outlet, "It seems like yesterday. Six whole months already. And pretty soon it will be a year. It's really hard when you start thinking about how long it's been."

At some point, Dog may get back in the dating pool, but for now, he is just spending time with his family and friends.

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