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Dog the Bounty Hunter's Family Releases Surveillance Images of Burglary Suspects

By Gary Trock

Dog the Bounty Hunter is closing in on the perps who ransacked his family store, and now we have the first images of a possible suspect.

Chapman's daughter, Bonnie, released images of the possible burglar, which appear to have been taken off nearby surveillance cameras.

The possible suspect can be seen standing outside the Chapman family merchandise store in Edgewater, CO.

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According to the photo, he has short dark hair, and wore sunglasses ... even though the alleged crime went down in the middle of the night.

The man can also be seen wearing a backpack, which if he is actually the thief, is probably stuffed with items he took from Dog's shop.


The Blast broke the story regarding the break-in at Dog's store, which occurred earlier this week.

Police in Edgewater originally got a call around 1 AM on July 30 about damage to the property.

A member of Dog's team was able to do a catalog of the stolen items on Thursday, and officially called in the crime.

The Blast

We're told thousands of dollars in merchandise was looted, including expensive clothing branded with Dog and his late wife, Beth Chapman's various TV shows and projects.

Personal bounty hunting gear, belonging to Beth, was also stolen from the store.

The family had set up a memorial for her, which fans had been visiting to pay their respects, and we're told the burglars specifically targeted the keepsakes.

We're told many of the items that were taken are priceless, and will most likely never be recovered.

Obviously, Dog and the rest of the Chapman family are extremely distraught.

Dog is actively involved in the investigation, and has even offered a large cash reward for any information about the crime.

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