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Diplo Seen Running For Cover After Two Fans Are Shot At His Brazil Show

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By Whitney Vasquez

Diplo's show ended early after someone opened fire on the crowd during his set at a carnival in Brazil. The 41-year-old DJ, whose real name is Thomas Wesley, was photographed being whisked away by his security guards after the shots rang out during a reported burglary attempt on Tuesday, February 25 at the street festival in Sao Paulo. According to several outlets, a woman and a man were injured in the shooting. Diplo was seen on his phone recording the crowd seconds before the incident occurred.

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The Scary Moment:


When the gunshots rang out, Diplo was still recording in a since-deleted Instagram video. In the footage, the DJ is panning the camera to the large crowd near the stage. Someone is heard announcing Diplo on the mic and chaos immediately rings out in the crowd. Witnesses say the shooter pulled out the gun when trying to snatch a chain from a man watching the show. The alleged victim was shot in the stomach and a woman, who was reportedly a friend of the alleged thief, was caught in the crossfire. She was hit in the thigh, according to police.

Security Was Quick To Jump In:


Photographer Amauri Nehn, who was there documenting the event, told UOL that security acted fast in whisking Diplo out of harm's way. "Someone heard a shot and warned the people who were on top of the truck to duck," he told the outlet. "When everything calmed down, the security guards removed him [Diplo] from the truck." Photos caught the scary moment that Diplo realized what was going on and attempted to get to safety. " I went to the side of the trio and saw a boy, who was hit in the abdomen, and a girl, who was hit in the leg. I didn't hear the shots. The sound was loud and a lot of people shouting," recalled the photographer.

Diplo Got Out Safely:


"Then I took the photos of the security guard protecting him." As a result of the shooting, Diplo's set, as well as the street party parade, were canceled. This wasn't the only scary incident that has happened while the performer has been in Brazil. On Monday night, he performed in the Latinha Mix block in the Pinheiros district of the city where 5 people were reportedly stabbed during an earlier incident in that location. Diplo has been documenting his time in Brazil and seemed to enjoy every second before the shooting took place. At the time of this post, he has not spoken out about the incident.

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