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Courtney Stodden Says She Once Got Hit On by Her Father

By TheBlast Staff

Well, the good news is Courtney Stodden finally received some attention from her father.

The Instagram model/singer appeared on the "Hollywood Pipeline Podcast" with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, and spoke about the embarrassing situation which happened after she changed her appearance.

Stodden said she had gone from blonde to brunette, and hadn't seen her father in a while when she invited him out to dinner. She said her dad walked into the restaurant and gave her a smile before walking by without realizing he was flirting with his own daughter.

"That's kinda f**ked up he didn't even know I was his daughter," Stodden admitted, but then said she doesn't have a relationship with her father anymore after he disavowed her.

24-year-old Stodden, who has been teasing a new song called "Freak Alert," also spoke on her divorce with Doug Hutchison and said she still has "so much love" for the actor. She has been trying to figure out her relationship with Doug, but admitted they have not slept together in over 2 years.

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