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Chris Pratt Eulogizes His Pet Hog's Giant Testicles After Death

By TheBlast Staff

Chris Pratt will miss many amazing qualities of his pet pig after the beautiful animal died, but nothing more than Magnus' big, floppy testicles.

Pratt posted a eulogy for 700 lb Magnus, a Tamworth pig who recently got sick and died two days ago. Magnus lived on the "Avengers: Endgame" star's rural farm on San Juan Islands in Washington.

"This was a hard one," Pratt wrote about his friend, adding, "We'll miss him. He had the biggest nuts of any mammal I'd ever seen in person. I'll miss seeing those bowling ball size testicles waggle to and fro as he rooted for hazelnuts in the hay."

Pratt regularly shares photos with fans from his farm life, including his sheep, lambs and even a Longhorn bull.

R.I.P. Magnus ... to you and your giant nuts.

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