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Here's Why 'Cash Cab' Host Ben Bailey Is So Successful

Gettyimages | NBC
By Emily Reily

Bailey Can Do It All

Gettyimages | NBC

Ben Bailey, comedian and host of Bravo's "Cash Cab," is a jack-of-all-trades. He's a comedian, he's a cab driver (for real), and he can drive while running a game show. Here's how he does it.

Not-So-Mean Streets

Bailey knows the city streets inside and out from spending time on the New York City comedy circuit, which he explained to NPR in 2010.

"I knew the city pretty well and also, I had been doing stand-up in New York for about a decade. And the clubs are all over the place so you pretty much are going to learn your way around Manhattan doing that, too. So I knew the city pretty well before we started.”

Don't Try This At Home

Bailey says running a game show and thinking of questions and answers while at the same time navigating busy city streets is just ... something he does.

"I don’t know if you play golf or something like it -- whenever you have a million things that you have to do right, you can’t think about any single one of them. You just sort of have to try to plant them all in your subconscious, and then just roll with it.”

He Does His Homework Before Hitting the Road

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But seriously, Bailey says he does plenty of planning ahead and memorizing. The fact that he's been doing this since he was 17 probably has something to do with his success, too.

“I try to get the questions in my head ahead of time. I study them and learn them so I know the questions, and I’m familiar with the questions and answers before we start, which makes that part a lot easier. And then I’ve been driving for a living, basically, since I got my license at 17, and it’s kind of second nature at this point. So if I can get everything as close to second nature as possible, then, you know, then I can get through."

It doesn't always work, though.

"But you know, sometimes, I’ve got to pull over and get out, walk around a little bit.”

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