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Cardi B Stuns at 'Hustlers' Photo Call, Hopes Film Will Give Insight Into Stripper World

By Jeff Mazzeo

Cardi B is making money moves, and trying to drop a little knowledge in the process, which is why she hopes her new movie helps reveal more about strippers than what they do on the pole.

The rapper stunned during Sunday's photo call for "Hustlers" at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

"Hustlers" was adapted from a New York Magazine article titled, "The Hustlers at Scores," and centers on a group of strippers who decide to rip off rich, Wall Street types of guys.

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Cardi says she thinks everyone will love the movie and even goes as far to say that people might learn something from the film.

"I keep hearing compliments, I think it's really good and I think that y'all gonna love the movie and y'all gonna understand dancing a little bit more," Cardi said in a message shared on her Instagram story.


Although Cardi was an actual stripper before making in big in the music world, do not expect to see her doing those impressive, high-flying moves on the pole in the flick.

The mom and icon explained that she couldn't "shine" on the pole because she had just underwent a breast augmentation and liposuction treatment just before filming.

Well, at least she'll look good.

"This is my moment to shine, and I can't shine because I can't climb!" Cardi told Entertainment Tonight.


A bunch of the other stars on the female-driven cast attended the photo call, including Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, Constance Wu and Lili Reinhart.

Traditionally, it's almost impossible to steal the attention away from JLo, who wore a dark leather outfit and matching hat, but Cardi was the focus of the night in her skin tight yellow dotted dress, large shades and long nails that were bigger than her hand bag.

"Hustlers" hits theaters on September 13.

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