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Caitlyn's Mom Has Strong Opinions

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While there may be rumblings that the feud between Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner may be thawing, Caitlyn's mother Esther Jenner seems determined to make things awkward again. In a new interview with The Daily Mail, Jenner went off on how much she hated Caitlyn's ex wife and the show that made them household names.

"She [Kris] made him [her] look like a milk-toast man! I wasn’t fond of that program, there was no plot, and why it was such a hit I’ll never know, and I guess it still is."

She Accepts Caitlyn As She Is


While Jenner has only bad things to say about Kris and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she does have some lovely things to say about Caitlyn's transition.

"It’s nothing she asked for, it’s a condition and it starts in the mother’s womb. The thing I know about Caitlyn, and I know her well, is that she has a lot of determination. How do you think she ever won that gold medal in decathlon?'

'When your child becomes, oh golly, world famous, it’s very difficult for a mother to put them in that category, he’s not a celebrity to me, he’s my kid. It’s just very difficult, but I’m no different than any other mother, I love my kids."

Struggles With Her Fame

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However, as much as she loves her daughter, Esther struggles with the fact that she is joining But I'm A Celebrity, because she isn't a fan of the show or of Caitlyn being so far from home in Australia.

"We have a Survivor [show] here in the United States, I never watched it, I’ve skimmed over it, or seen previews and I decided that I don’t really care for that.

That’s not entertainment to me, to see somebody frightened. I think she could spend a lot more pleasant times on the golf course!

I’ve tried not to think of Caitlyn being over there [in Australia]. It’s three weeks… a long time to go without hearing from her. When she’s in the States she calls me almost every day, so I’ve got to live without hearing her."

Caitlyn's Team Denies Tension

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For her part, Caitlyn's team released a statement to Us Weekly claiming that she didn't have any animosity towards her ex wife and their show.

"“Caitlyn’s team adamantly denies her mother’s statements as they do not represent Caitlyn’s sentiments or feelings towards the show or Kris Jenner. Caitlyn has time and time again said that the show is the best thing that has happened to their family, and is on great terms with Kris. Her team was shocked – and never consulted – to hear of Esther speaking to press."

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