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Grammy Noms Are Here


The nominees for the 2020 Grammys were released this morning, and everyone has opinions about who should have been included.

For one thing, Lizzo's single, "Truth Hurts," from way back in 2017, is nominated this year, so the 2020 Grammys is already shaping up to be a controversial event.

Another, perhaps bigger brewing controversy is that BTS has gotten snubbed. The hugely popular Korean boy band got no love from the Recording Academy this year.

'Persona' Was Big For BTS

Gettyimages | JTBC PLUS

The group's EP Map of the Soul: Persona, which was released in April 2019, could have fit into two categories, according to cheatsheet: Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album.

Persona even debuted in the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The group sold 4 million records in September 2019.

Their single, "Boy With Luv," a song with more than 616 million views on YouTube, didn't receive a Grammy nom either. The song is certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Still, crickets from the Grammys.

Fans Heartbroken, Angry


BTS fans have flooded Twitter with complaints about their favorite band being utterly ignored by the Recording Academy.

@ctrlkoobi wrote:

"the full nominations list is on the grammys website. bts got nothing. seriously robbed and ignored, what the hell? best selling album of the year and one of the biggest music acts in the world right now. what more do grammys want? for them to be white?"

It seems like a pretty fair question.

Let's Call It What It Is


"Someone tell me how bts, didnt get any Grammy map of the soul persona sold over 4 million copies, A MINI album , had the most views for their music video, hard more impact that a majority of artists this year.. #GRAMMYs," wrote @smoljungkookbun.

Do You Like Them? Then Great

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Another person on social media wanted to make the point that it's not the end of the world, and that ultimately, it only matters whether you like the group, not whether they have a Grammy nomination or have broken any records.

"Majority of the world doesn't remember how many Grammys the Beatles have, but they can instantly name and sing their songs because an artist's legacy is their music, not their trophies.

Also there're so many more years & opportunities ahead. No need to be sad," wrote @bangtanism89_.

"Sometimes it’s good not to get everything you wish for right away. Sometimes not getting what you want can light your fire. Our seven Bangtan wolves are still hungry and they will make great music. @BTS_twt," said @iamjjeoreo on Twitter.

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