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Decoding Britney Spears' Lupita Nyong'O Quote, What Does the Princess of Pop Mean?

By TheBlast Staff

Britney Spears is getting deep and using a Lupita Nyong'O quote to express her feelings, and it's left many fans (including us) confused AF.

The "Toxic" singer shared the quote on Thursday, which was made by the "Us" actress in a Net-A-Porter interview from last year.

When they asked Nyong'O how it feels to be adored by so many fans all over the world, she responded, "You’d be surprised. I think there’s a separation between the public and the private. In the arena where I’m being desired, I’m absent. Most of the time, I’m actually not there.”

Spears took that quote, captioning it, "Have a nice day friends!!"

As to what exactly Britney's referring to by claiming she's absent where she's desired; we have several different theories flying around our office. It's hard to speak Britney, but here's our take:

  • Is she talking about being absent from stage?

Fans desire her back onstage performing. We want Britney healthy, happy and delivering quality music and shows. She could be saying there's a difference between performance Britney and real-life Britney. If she's saying that, her stage would be the arena and therefore, she's not just physically absent, but mentally too.

  • Is she absent from her family?

Maybe she's saying her kids and family are desiring her presence and she's absent from them because she's too busy being in the public eye. If that's what Britney means, it could signify her loved ones crave personal time with the star, which she's unable to give.

As The Blast reported, Britney is currently battling her conservatorship and an investigation has been launched into all the players who take part in planning her personal life, financial affairs and medical treatment. She's been all over social media since completing her treatment at a mental health facility in April, and says she'll be back onstage soon.

One thing she's not absent from -- working out.


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