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Britney Spears Conservatorship Protestors March Outside LA Court -- #FreeBritney Trends On Twitter

By Mike Walters

A hearing was held today in the Britney Spears' conservatorship case, and a group of protestors marched in front of the courthouse asking that she be let out of it. The protestors also took to social media for their cause, and as a result, #FreeBritney trended worldwide on Twitter.

The hearing was sealed to the public and was attended by 9 different lawyers and participants including both of Britney's parents, Jaime and Lynn. Her mom joined by phone.

In the hours before the hearing, #FreeBritney advocates took to Twitter to protest the hearing and ask that singer be released from her conservatorship. By the time the hearing ended, the hashtag had been used over 70,000 times.

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#FreeBritney Trends on Twitter, Protestors Flood Courthouse


Several supporters of the cause tweeted messages in support of the protestors during the hearing.

"Today is the day of the court hearing that will determine whether Britney Spears will be free from her conservatorship that has held her back professionally and personally for the past 12 years. We wish her all the best and hope she can finally have her freedom. #FreeBritney" one message read.

Another added, "If you’re wondering why you’re seeing #FreeBritney trending it’s because she’s been in an abusive conservatorship for over 12 years, she’s not allowed to drive her car, see her kids, make phone calls, visit people unsupervised, or see her kids."

Conservatorship Hearing Pushed Back To April


As we reported, according to Britney's court-appointed attorney she is supportive of being under a personal conservatorship. He made the revelation during the last court hearing. So, if Britney doesn't mind it why the protest? Well...the group doesn't believe Spears is making her own decision and are pressing the issue.

In the end, the court hearing just established a new date for April 21, and for now, the conservatorship will stay in place until that date.

Several people took to Twitter after the hearing to continue making their point, with one protestor saying, "even though it sucks seeing more dates constantly added on, we can't give up fighting for Britney. she has been stuck in this conservatorship and we are the ones who made the dissolving process begin to happen, we can't give up now!"

Is Britney The Same As Taylor Swift?

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

A few other messages popped up on social media supporting them, one read, "Britney Spears is a legendary, inspiring woman who has been through SO much. she deserves freedom and happiness, and I’m wishing the absolute best for her. I hope the court decision today allows her to live her life on her OWN terms," and, "This industry is so hypocritical. When Taylor is fighting for her masters everyone is talking about it, but when Britney is fighting for her human rights no one says a thing? Disgusting."

One issue with the protest is the obvious...if Britney Spears has issues with mental illness and the conservatorship is working, why change anything?

In the end, Britney, her parents, and both sides of attornies will all have their voices heard. A judge will ultimately make the decision if anything will change.

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