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Black Tuesday is being held today to raise awareness of human rights for black people.

Black Lives Matter Details How To Help During Blackout Tuesday

Gettyimages | Coast-to-Coast
By Emily Reily

Today is Blackout Tuesday, which means celebrities and large corporations are supposed to stop posting on their social media accounts to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

For example, people are posting black boxes on Instagram to visually indicate they're boycotting these websites.

But there's far more you can do to help the cause than just post a black square.

Variety interviewed Black Lives Matter and Movement 4 Black Lives Cofounder Patrisse Cullors to find out what the group hopes to accomplish and how it plans to raise awareness.

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Look To Defund Police Groups

George Floyd was killed when Officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee on his neck, blocking his airway.
Twitter / Black Lives Matter

When Variety asked about actions we can take, Cullors explained how defunding police organizations could help shift the balance and put money toward budgets that need it the most.

"Here in Los Angeles alone, the City Council spends 54 percent of its budget on the LAPD — that is an exorbitant amount of money going toward one agency, especially when other agencies’ budgets either don’t increase or are cut every year," she said.

Put Funding Where It's Needed

Visit @Blklivesmatter to learn more about what you can do to help.
Twitter / Black Lives Matter

@NifMuhammad tweeted about the stark visual between what police have at their disposal versus what the community lacks:

"A reminder that has messed with me is being in the street & seeing all of the seemingly endless amounts of gear/etc. the police in this city have at their disposal & remembering how some Columbus City Schools didn't have air conditioning at the start of the last few schools years."

Cullors said officers are working with people on multiple levels when they shouldn't be.

"There are a significant number of public health crises that law enforcement are forced to be the first responders to but should not be, and we could actually reallocate those dollars and give them back to the community."

Protests, Marches Continuing This Week

The recent resurgence in protests is due to the murder of George Floyd by a police officer.
Twitter / Black Lives Matter

Cullors suggests another way to help is by looking at who's protesting and organizing marches.

"In L.A. you have groups like Black Lives Matter L.A. and Justice L.A. and Reform L.A. Jails that are on the front lines in challenging the police and the prison state. These are the groups that are going to be working with the people who are [demonstrating] and expressing their hurt and pain now, and showing them how to organize."

Instead of Posting a Black Box, Join the #BLM Movement

Giphy | GIPHY Studios Originals

The other part of Blackout Tuesday, the social media blackout, has already raised controversy for being a well-intentioned act that doesn't help with the protest movement.

@Corndoggdaddy said: "The Black (out) Tuesday not supporting corporations and buying shit is great but not posting on social media in the heart of the outside warfare and injustice taking place during these protests is not the thing to do rn."

@spideyscarlett wrote: "My Instagram feed is [indicates large black squares] .... but tomorrow they will all be deleted because it will ruin all the materialistic vsco girls' aesthetic."


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