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A New TV Series Starring 'Big Bang Theory' Co-Stars Is In the Works

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By Emily Reily
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We Love Them Either Way

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One of TV's cutest couples -- Sheldon and Amy from "The Big Bang Theory" -- is reuniting again, soon after the show they starred in ended. But this time it will be in a much different capacity.

Sheldon and Amy Were Cute, But Bizarre


Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons played Amy and Sheldon, two brainiacs who hooked up during "The Big Bang Theory" 's long run on CBS.

Amy and Sheldon were set up on a blind date by Raj and Howard, and though their love affair was mostly rocky, they came to a reasonably mutual agreement that they were compatible with each other. Their relationship was vital to the show.

'Carla' To Air On Fox


Bialik posted a message on her Instagram page describing what she and Parsons have been up to, sounding super psyched about the news.

Bialik says she and Parsons are going to executive produce a new show called "Carla," which will air on Fox. Bialik will also star in the show, which is based off a BBC show called "Miranda."

The Happy Couple

Bialik posted her message with an adorable picture of her and Parsons.

"It's called "Carla" and it's been an incredibly windy road to get here. SO worth it. We could not be more excited to work together and bring you this show which features SO MANY CATS!!!! 😻 Here's us at one of our pitches, uncannily and totally coincidentally dressed like salt and pepper shakers."

A Show About a Cat Cafe? Yes Please.

Giphy | ABC Network

Bialik will be Carla, a determined, modern woman who decides to use the money that was set aside for her wedding to instead open a cat cafe in Kentucky, a very 2019 thing to do.

"Carla" is scheduled to run in the fall of 2020.

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