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'Dog's Most Wanted' New Clips Show Heartbreaking Hair Situation for Beth Chapman

WGN Ameri
By Gary Trock

Beth Chapman's heartbreaking battle with cancer will be chronicled in the upcoming bounty hunting reality show, and a new preview makes it clear she was prepared to fight until the very end.

The Blast obtained a new clip from the upcoming WGN America series, "Dog's Most Wanted," which showcases Beth's preparations to begin chemotherapy.

Beth explains that she was determined to not let cancer turn her into a person, "laying in that bed," and went to great lengths to maintain her physical appearance even during the greatest fight of her life.

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The late reality star says she was able to get her extensions sewn in before she started chemotherapy, allowing her to still take part in the daily rituals she loved, like doing her hair.

Beth was the driving force to get Dog the Bounty Hunter's newest reality show on the air, and she even participated in active bounty hunts while undergoing treatment for cancer in her throat.

While preparing to head out into the field, Beth was honest about her hesitations, admitting that any use of mace of pepper spray could be a real problem for her respiratory issues.

WGN America

The show will also tackle alternative forms of treatment Beth took while trying to find an answer to the growing tumors, as she explored using CBD products.

It appears her use of alternative medicine, like CBD, did produce positive results, even though she ended up succumbing to the illness earlier this year.

WGN America

The show appears to be a final goodbye from Dog to Beth, as the bounty hunting reality star balances the loss of his wife with continuing to the family business.

Since Beth's death, Dog has vowed to continue making bad guys pay ... which is exactly what she would have wanted.

"Dog's Most Wanted" premieres September 4 on WGN America.

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