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The Best Coats for Winter

Gettyimages | FluxFactory
By Enoch K

Winter is coming. Hope you are ready for the brisk cold. If not, you need to grab a coat. It is almost always a staple on the East Coast especially in the Northeast and Midwest, who probably already feel the winter cold. Why does it seem to be colder quicker now? Either way, these are some suggestions for great coats to choose from to figure out which one matches your style.

Stay warm, everyone! Don't get caught outside with your coat!

Hooded Parka with Fur Hood

Unsplash | Ezequiel Garrido

A hooded parka with a fur hood is everyone’s dream. You get the comfort from the feel of a real coat with the flashiness of the fur lining hood. Also, there’s nothing like having your fur hood on when it’s snowing hard and people are being snowed on, but you aren’t because the fur is perfecting you from the snow and the actually hood is protecting you from the wind.

A review from Buzzfeed said, "I love love love this jacket! The hood is big enough for my whole head, and the fur lining keeps me extra toasty. I have never owned such a perfect jacket.

The Plaid Coat = Iconic

Gettyimages | Edward Berthelot

The PLAID COAT. Stylish and iconic. You can never go wrong with a plaid coat especially one that is black and white. It can turn a basic outfit of jeans and t shirt more classy by wearing it on top. Most importantly, they are one of the most comfortable, warm jackets. They are normally a little heavier, but this lends to the warm ness you will feel.

Another review from Buzzfeed said, "I love this coat! It is what I was hoping for and came much sooner than expected. It won’t be my go-to on super cold snowy days, but it is a great and fashionable coat for fall”. It works for both seasons, but if you do not want it to get dirty avoid snowy days.

Teddy Coats are Forever

Gettyimages | Melodie Jeng

You can never go wrong with a trendy teddy coat. Wear in expectation of being stylish and warm. The look itself makes you think it’s going to be the most comfortable coat ever. The variety in color is good for those who do not want the basic brown color. Think of yourself getting into a warm throw when wearing this.

The perfect review to sell this comes from Buzzfeed says, "This coat is ADORABLE!!!! I am in love with the material and warmth of this coat. Layering in the winter is hard sometimes on the fashion spectrum, but this jacket made it so much easier. The lining inside the jacket is silky and is so nice on the skin”.

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