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Ben Stein Denies Bizarre Sexual Assault Allegations from Woman, Has No Clue Who She Is

By TheBlast Staff

Ben Stein is scratching his head after a woman claims the famed TV host sexually assaulted her almost 40 years ago, but he is adamant that he has never even met the lady and has no clue what she's talking about.

A 44-year-old woman named Morgain McGovern claims Stein sexually assaulted her when she was allegedly a child actor at the age of 6 and filed for a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles County court.

She is not specific on the description of who, what, when and where ... but seems to believe the TV host, along with other men, sexually assaulted her as a child and then conducted a campaign of harassment into her later years.

For the record, aside from an extra role on an episode of "Criminal Minds" in 2008, it does not appear McGovern was a child actress.

Along with seeking a restraining order, she has also contacted the LAPD and Department of Justice in the past, but her allegations always appeared erratic and her story was full of holes. It appears nothing came of her accusations.

In fact, her restraining order was also denied by a judge, who claims she had insufficient evidence to prove that Stein is involved in anything that she's alleging.

Ben Stein tells The Blast he has no idea who the woman is, he has never met her and is extremely adamant that he absolutely has not sexually assaulted her. We're told his lawyers are not involved at the moment because he's never been contacted about any accusations, and was genuinely perplexed when we brought up Morgain's allegations.

In fact, Stein wanted it known that the only Morgan he knows, or has met, is Morgan Fairchild.

The Morgain who Stein doesn't know will be back in court next month, but she shouldn't hold her breathe on the star showing up.

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