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Margera started a public meltdown earlier this week that had friends and fans worried that he was abusing drugs again.

That led to he and Dr. Phil having a sit-down about what's going on with him. Margera claims that he is not drinking or on drugs.

On Wednesday, Margera was back to making confusing Instagram posts. In one, he wrote, "FIND THEM!! Just like how you helped me find dr. Phil in one days work!!!!!!!!!!" with a photo on which he wrote four "facts."

He also wrote that he needs to talk to scientists Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox, and alien researcher Giorgio A. Tsoukalo.

Fans in the comments are concerned. "You need to lay off social media my dude," one wrote.

Another questioned if he actually met with Dr. Phil based on how he's acting: "Do people actually believe he talked to dr Phil? Then why’s he back in his own tweaking out again."

A third fan just finds the whole thing sad: "This is getting more and more embarrassing each day. I really hope you find some alternative help. This is just so sad."

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