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A Controversial Choice

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There is always some backlash to whoever is announced as the next Bachelor, but Bachelor Nation seems particularly annoyed that Peter Weber, the cute but boring pilot who romanced Hannah B last season of The Bachelor, was the chosen one this season. Many were hoping for Mike Johnson instead.

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, who has been the only person of color to be a Bachelorette or Bachelor, slammed ABC's choice to cast yet another white guy.

"I think Peter seems like a very nice guy. He seems lovely. This is absolutely nothing against him, but how many Peters have we seen before? What season are we on? 24. So, we’ve seen 24 Peters. I’m bored. And it’s nothing personal against him.

I want to be hopeful, but when you have a contestant like Mike Johnson, who seems to check all the boxes, how is he not the Bachelor? I don’t understand. I’m sure they have some reason for not picking him, and I’m going to trust in that, but at the same time, the system isn’t working in giving us a Bachelor who is a person of color. So we need to change the system. Something has to be done. Break the rules, step outside the box, give the people what they want!"

Was Mike Johnson A Better Choice?

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Weber is half-Cuban, but Johnson himself pointed out... the dude is white.

“I think of diversity more than just black and white. And yes, Peter has a Cuban mom, but let’s just be honest — he’s white, right? And that’s just being completely transparent. I think that there should be an Asian lead, an Indian lead… diversity is not just black and white. It’s not just salt and pepper."

Johnson, who previously dated Demi Lovato, could have been an interesting choice, but ABC clearly thought differently.

He Didn't Make The Decision

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Weber was asked about the backlash to his casting in an interview, and he gave a pretty diplomatic answer. Someone has definitely gotten some media training.

"A, I didn’t make this decision, right? I was very grateful to accept it and move forward, but listen, regardless of race, of identity or whatnot, everybody is deserving of love. And I’m not the only person. Mike would’ve been a great Bachelor. Tyler [Cameron] could have been a great Bachelor. They picked me and I’m very excited and very humbled and I can’t wait for this journey to begin."

He Supports Diversity

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He continued, paying lip service to the importance of diversity.

"I totally get [the criticism], it’s fair. All I can say is I’m so grateful to have this opportunity and I wish you know Mike and everyone all the love in the world. I’m all for diversity and I’m excited for this journey to maybe date some diverse women that I haven’t dated before. I haven’t found my person yet, so maybe I just haven’t been dating the right type of person."

So, will you be tuning in this season?

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