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Exactly ONE Person Actually Stormed The Gates of Area 51

By Mike Walters

The 'Storm Area 51' event drew a few hundred people, mostly to hand out and party, but one woman actually 'stormed' the gates and made it further than anyone else.

A video surfaced on social media, of several party goers watching as a woman slowly walked through the first set of gates into 'Area 51.'

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At first, the group laughs as she begins her walk across government gates protecting the government installation. But, as the woman gets further into the facility, they start to warn her "don't do it!"


One onlooker than says, "she might actually make to the other gate on the other side."

Finally, someone just gives her words of encouragement and yells, "good luck."

In the video, you can clearly she Sheriff deputies watching the whole thing unfold. It seems, they are allowing the woman to be stopped by federal authorities who guard the compound.


According to law enforcement, there were several people detained for trespassing over the weekend, and one person arrested for public urination.

“We arrested one guy for indecent exposure out of Canada at the gate,” Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said.


Authorities confirmed they did detain a woman for “investigative purposes,” but the 'storming' of the gates never actually happened.

It's unclear if this is the same woman, or how far she actually made it.


'It’s not as bad as we thought' “It’s a relief that it’s not as bad as we thought it was going to be,” Lee said.

Thrill seekers converged on the tiny town of Rachel, NV. Population of about 50. 'Area 51' is a military facility, known for classified training and confidential aircraft testing.

Many of the true party goers ended up in downtown Las Vegas for a concert that featured newly unveiled green Bud Light cans.

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