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Everyone Thinks the New Apple AirPods Pro Look Like This Pokémon

By Gary Trock

Apple has unveiled the newest version of their AirPods, including an updated design, but all people can think about is whether they are ready to battle Pikachu.

The tech giant quietly announced the AirPods Pro on Monday, which will be available starting October 30 for $249.

The biggest upgrade is noise cancellation and software that continuously monitors levels of active noise and adjusts accordingly.

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However, Apple fans quickly lashed out over the new design and thought it looked like the Pokémon character, Bellsprout.

Bellsprout is a plant-based poison Pokémon, which also evolves into a Weepinbell and then Victreebell.

Fans immediately went in on Apple with side-by-side photos of the new AirPods alongside Bellsprout ... and the result is uncanny.

Some even transformed the pods into mini Bellsprouts.


Apple says the new silicone tips come in three sizes and that, "These internally tapered tips conform to your ear shape, keeping AirPods Pro secure" and feature "vents helping equalize pressure."

Some aren't sold on the new features and are just waiting for Apple to drop the price of the OG pods.

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