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Andy Cohen Trashes President Trump's Federal Judge Sarah Pitlyk On 'Watch What Happens Live'

By Ryan Naumann

Andy Cohen is ripping into President Trump’s newly confirmed federal judge Sarah Pitlyk.

On last night’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live”, Cohen named Pitlick as his “Jackhole Of The Day.”

Pitlick was nominated by President Trump to become a federal judge for the U.S. District Court in St. Louis. The senate confirmed the nomination this week. Pitlick has a lifetime appointment with the position.

Cohen was furious about her being confirmed as a judge calling out her positions. He took issue with it being in his home state of Missouri.

He explained, “She spent the bulk of her career aggressively going after the rights of people to use fertility treatments and surrogacy.”

Cohen said, “Meaning if you were one of the millions of couples struggling to conceive or have turned to surrogacy to start a family, like I did to have Ben, you are totally screwed on this woman’s watch.”

The host continued, “did I mention she hasn’t even tried a case? In fact when the American Bar Association rated her not qualified for the role, they said she has never participated at any stage in a criminal manner, what she has done is made this country a less safe and fair place for people whose greatest wish is to have a family.

“Judge Pitlick I got a shipment of poppy diapers on behalf of my son. This pisses me off!”

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss wrote “Wow! That’s terrible.”Andy has a son named Benjamin Cohen who he welcomed via a surrogate.

Fans were quick to show Cohen support saying “And that’s why I left Missouri. Let’s talk about never trying a case!”

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“This fu--ing country has gone to sh-t. Why anyone cares if someone can’t conceive and uses a surrogate is beyond me. This lady can rot in hell,” said one follower

One fan said, “You tell her Andy. She’s a wAste if space. All of these politicians who think that they have the right to dictate what’s right and wrong. Where is there a father who loves their child more than you.”

“I am born and raised in STL MO and this is disgusting!! She does not represent me or anything that I believe in. I am pissed off as well,” commented another.

One enjoyed his segment, “Preach. My law partner is one of the top surrogacy attorneys In Iowa. Our firm represents surrogates and intended parents all over the world. It is so amazing to be a part of. As a lawyer, a mother, a human, she is not qualified and honestly just nuts. She calls infertility treatments and science an attack on the family. 😳 She is crazy. We must vote in 2020, or more of those nuts will be appointed”

One wrote, “As a woman who struggles with fertility it’s disheartening to know another woman could take the chance of being a mother away from me.”

“BRAVO ANDY!!! Love your passion and way to take a stand on important issues!!! Ben is one lucky kid! ⭐️⭐️⭐️, said one follower.

“@bravoandy I’m enraged. Not only as a person who at the root of everything believes everyone has the right to create their family however they wish, but also as someone who is potentially in the process of becoming a surrogate. This is infuriating,” commented another supporter.

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