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Glennon Defending Himself

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Portwood has dropped hints that Glennon had been cheating on her, but then deleted that online post. Glennon denies the claim.

'My name was never mentioned in the post that she released ... I guess it was just rough timing. People are just going to slap it on me. It's a bashing of my character and what hurts I guess is the fact that she hasn't come out and made a statement to say, 'you know, I wasn't talking about Andrew, I was talking about somebody else.' "

Portwood In Trouble With the Law

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Portwood was arrested after she allegedly tried to break down a door to get to Glennon, who was holding their son, James, 1.

Glennon told DailyMailTV:

"I need to do what's right for James and I need to take the right steps for myself. The future's unknown. All I know is what I need to do, like, right now and that is to provide James with a safe, secure happy environment."

Portwood was charged with three felonies in the alleged attack, including domestic battery in the presence of a child, domestic battery and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

Glennon Wants 'Happy Memories' For His Son

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Glennon says he realizes that young kids are very impressionable, saying "babies imprint at a young age," adding that wants to give his son "happy memories." Glennon is seeking child support and demands that Portwood pays his legal fees.

A "no contact" order was recently lifted for Portwood.

Not the First Time

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Portwood was arrested in November 2010 after she was shown attacking then-boyfriend Gary Shirley, while their daughter, Leah, was there. Leah was 1 at the time.

Glennon says there will be "a lot of healing" after this latest incident.

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