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Amber Rose Painfully Asks How To Explain George Floyd's Death To Seven-Year-Old Son

By Whitney Vasquez

Amber Rose is addressing George Floyd's death by emotionally asking how she's going to explain the tragedy to her seven-year-old son with Wiz Khalifa, Sebastian. Posting a heartbreaking message on social media, the 36-year-old revealed that her firstborn has been battling Strep Throat for the past four days and while it was "the hardest thing" to watch as his mother, she said it will be "the least of my worries as my beautiful black boys turn into beautiful black men."

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Her Powerful Message:


Posting a powerful picture that displayed the message, "Having a black son makes you pray a little differently," Amber Rose's caption on Friday gave her fans insight to her deepest fears. "My Baby Sebastian had Strep Throat for the past 4 days. I’ve been laying with him, rubbing his head and waiting on my Lil Prince hand and foot. While he had a fever I felt like it was the hardest thing to watch as his mommy," she explained to her followers.

She's Worried About Her Boys:


"I felt like my baby was just suffering in bed. Sadly Strep will be the least of my worries as my beautiful black boys turn into beautiful black men," she wrote before firing off a series of painful questions. "How do I explain to them that police officers are there to help us and protect our communities all while they’re killing people that look like them? How do I help them compartmentalize?" Amber Rose said before adding questions about things that many people don't even think twice about.

Read Her Emotional Post:


"What do I tell them to do when they get pulled over and a police officer asks for their ID? Reach in their pocket and get it? Tell the police officer that they’re unarmed? Does it even matter?"

Turning the focus to the "All Lives Matter" movement, Amber Rose said, "And Please White people stop saying 'All Lives Matter' we fucking know “ALL” lives matter! But the fact that we have to remind everyone that Black Lives actually matter too is the fucking problem."

Addressing Black Lives Matter:


Addressing the protests and riots that have broken out all over the country following George Floyd's death on Monday, Amber Rose added, "white men are killing black men as if their Lives don’t Matter at all! Hence why the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement is so important. We all tried the peaceful protesting it didn’t work. So now you know when another white cop kills another black man for no reason cities will burn." George Floyd was unarmed and handcuffed when he lost his life while pleading for help as a white officer pinned him to the ground earlier this week.

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