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A Night Of Gold

Nicole Kidman is nominated for her 14th Golden Globe on Sunday, her second for her role in as Celeste in Big Little Lies. The Australian actress puts in a powerhouse performance as a beautiful mother dealing with the death of her abusive husband, and she upped her game playing opposite Meryl Streep as his cruel mother in season two.

Kidman put in a sterling performance in both seasons and was rewarded with plenty of awards love, but she is facing a devastating situation in her native Australia that makes it hard for her to celebrate.

Devastation Back Home

Kidman's native Australia has been suffering from catastrophic wildfires for months now with no signs of relenting, causing devastation across the entire continent. According to reports, 24 people have been killed and almost 2,000 home have been destroyed in the blaze. Not only that, but 480 million animals have been killed by the wildfires, and some are only native to Australia and are now on the brink of extinction.

Kidman and her Australian hubby Keith Urban own property in Australia and have been doing their best to help their home country in any way that they can, raising awareness on social media and donating $500,000 to the Rural Fire Services.

A Hard Time At The Globes

Apparently Kidman had a difficult time at some of the pre-Globes festivities, arriving at an event after crying in her limo and cutting some of her interviews short because "so distracted right now with everything that's happened in Australia." She ended up leaving the event after 15 minutes. It must be extremely difficult having to put on a brave face and do your job when your homeland is suffering so greatly.

Other Australian celebs like Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe are

Australian Celebs Doing Their Part

Russell Crowe, who won a Globe for his role in The Loudest Voice, chose to skip the awards to stay in Australia, but he gave a power speech in absentia, delivered by Jennifer Aniston.

"Make no mistake the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change-based. We need to act based on science, move our global workforce to renewable energy, and respect our planet for the unique and amazing place it is. That way, we all have a future."

Our thoughts are with the Australian people in this difficult time.

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