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1. A New Meme

If you spend any amount of time online, you probably see Kylie Jenner content whether you want to or not. A clip of the reality TV star is circulating Twitter that has quickly become a meme. In the video, Jenner is seen waking up her daughter Stormi with a weird, sing song "rise and shine." Of course, Twitter latched onto it immediately.

2. Taking Over The Internet

The clip is surprisingly adaptable, and people on Twitter are obsessed with her hilarious wake up call. The lifecycle of the meme is swift, but powerful, and this one is everywhere. Even if you aren't aware of Jenner's latest antics, you've probably seen this video. You're scrolling through Twitter, minding your business, and then this video starts rolling across your feed again and again and again.

Your eyes glaze over. Nothing else matters now. Just "rise and shine."

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