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'Bachelorette' Star Tyler Cameron Opens Up On Drama With Hannah Brown

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By Favour Adegoke on July 30, 2021 at 11:53 AM EDT

Tyler Cameron is an American model, general contractor, and television personality, who joined the 15th season of "The Bachelorette," which starred Hannah Brown.

Although the show went smoothly for Cameron, who was the second runner-up for that season, its aftermath kept him under intense scrutiny from the public longer than he anticipated. Speaking recently about his regrets, the 28-year-old said he was grateful for the time he spent on the show, but when it all ended, it became a nightmare for him.

He went on to reveal that he made a huge mistake when it came to the two women in his life at the time, as he may have contributed to the unnecessary drama between them because he was not clear about his intentions.

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In his new book titled "You Deserve Better: What Life Has Taught Me About Love, Relationships, and Becoming You Best Self," Cameron explained in detail how his post Bachelorette outings with another contestant, Hannah Brown, and how he failed to handle it reasonably, almost caused an issue with another friend named Gigi Hadid.

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Tyler Cameron Says Hannah Brown Reached Out First

In his memoir, Cameron explained by saying that the first time he hung out with Brown offscreen, she had reached out to him, asking that they go out.

Furthermore, the model noted that it was later portrayed in the media that he was the one who wanted to be with Brown, and that's why he first reached out to her. Claiming that this notion was untrue at the time, Cameron said that it was unfair for people to assume that he was the one who pursued her.

Nevertheless, he disclosed that when Brown spoke to him about the outing, he was very happy about it, as it was incredible that they were speaking to one another. However, he made it clear that despite their attempt at being cordial with one another, he suggested that it was better if they stayed apart to figure out other aspects of their lives.

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"... But I also made it clear that I needed to take some time for myself to figure out what was right for me," Cameron wrote in his book.

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Tyler Cameron Had A Date-ish With Hannah Brown

Still speaking on the fact that he and Brown decided to go out on a date, Cameron said that they agreed on the time and day, and when it finally came, they went for it. However, what neither of them expected at the time, was what the public's reaction to this out would be.

On August 1, 2019, photos of the duo spending time together surfaced on social media, and it turned into a ruckus online. Similarly, things almost got out of hand when reports confirmed that Cameron was seen leaving Brown's house.

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Instagram | Tyler Cameron
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In his memoir, Cameron got candid about what really happened. He explained that he and Brown met in Los Angeles, and it resulted in him sleeping at her house. However, he insisted that they did not sleep together because of his intentions that he first revealed before agreeing to meet.

"We weren't in a relationship at that point and we definitely weren't boyfriend and girlfriend," Cameron wrote in his new book.

The Backlash

When social media users and reality television fans heard about Cameron and Brown's date that led to a sleepover, they were quick to assume that the duo were in a relationship.

That is why a few days later, when the same Bachelorette star was spotted hanging out with Gigi Hadid, they proceeded to call him out for hurting Brown. Cameron noted in his memoir that this was one of his biggest regrets since he left "The Bachelorette."

He went on to say that he had been quite clear with Brown about what he wanted, and that was for him to take time to focus on himself and get the things he wants. However, all that was discarded in the trash because to the media, Cameron was trying to eat his cake and have it with two gorgeous women.

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What was even more sad, was that Hadid's name had been dragged into the centre of the drama, which in a way could have harmed her friendship with Cameron.

Tyler Cameron Sends Out A Profound Apology

Seeing how deep the backlash went after the Brown and Hadid saga went, Cameron was devastated, as it looked to him like he would never get the chance to correct the speculations and notions that social media users had about him.

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A photo of Hannah Brown in a robe
Instagram | Hannah Brown

Besides explaining himself to the public, Cameron also felt guilty for putting Brown in an impossible position. He wrote in his memoir that he never went out with anyone for the sole purpose of hurting Brown, and that when he realized the damage that had been done, things had already escalated beyond his control.

Nevertheless, Cameron was grateful to Brown that she handled the incessant conversations online well, which in a way has helped him to finally speak his truth to the world.

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