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Kim Kardashian Gets Marriage Proposal On $150,000 Billboard From Media Guru Sheeraz Hasan!

FAME By Sheeraz
By Mike Walters

Kim Kardashian is already getting marriage proposals after her recent divorce from ex-husband Kanye West -- and this one comes as a giant billboard in Los Angeles!

Media guru Sheeraz Hasan is asking for the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' hand in marriage. But, instead of getting down on one knee -- he is asking Kim K. with a giant commercial billboard in the heart of the world-famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA.

The 'FAME By Sheeraz' owner is serious...serious enough to place the 60 ft. tall billboard in one of the most trafficked locations in L.A. which costs a whopping 150,000 a MONTH!

Take A Look!

See The GIANT Billboard!!

FAME By Sheeraz

On the billboard, Sheeraz included a picture of his famous face along with the message, "KIM K MARRY ME."

The jaw-dropping message includes the logo of his "FAME By Sheeraz Masterclass" in massive lettering which consists of 10 online courses that are aimed at every brand and content creator who wants to become famous.

It should be noted, Sheeraz has worked on global campaigns with stars like Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and you guessed it, Kim Kardashian. The two were pictured early in her career at events and photo ops. (Below). Photographers caught up with the media guru near where the billboard sits near the trendy SOHO house -- where he confirmed the proposal.

See His Message...Below.

Kardashian And Hasan Worked Together Launching Reality Star's Career!

FAME By Sheeraz

“Every billionaire, every millionaire, every politician, every prince, every king...everyone wants to marry Kim. But here’s the thing, I know the fame that Kim wants, and I’m the only man that can make her happy," Hasan said.

As one source put it, “Sheeraz is not kidding at all with his billboard. First, he genuinely loves hanging out with her and thinks she is an amazing person that will change this world even more than she already has. Also, he has long praised Kim Kardashian for her ability to break news and then translate that fame into billions of dollars in sales. Sheeraz and Kim have been working together since the very beginning. Together they’ve dominated the headlines a ton of times, like when they got 250,000 fans to show up to the Dubai Mall for an appearance. Sheeraz sees them as a power couple that would own the media. Kim as the face, Sheeraz as her top advisor.”

Will Kim K. Respond?!

FAME By Sheeraz

As we reported, Sheeraz was recently featured on ABC 20/20's "Sellebrity" and BBC's Celebrity: A 21st Century Story -- where he discussed his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

In both programs, Sheeraz talked at great lengths about his involvement in helping make Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and even Britney Spears famous in an era before social media. He was even featured in Paris Hilton’s recent viral hit documentary, 'This is Paris,' coordinating a campaign for her skincare line in South Korea.

Well, even if Kim K. turns down the offer...we are guessing Sheeraz is about to get plenty of responses!

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