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Houston Rockets' Sterling Brown Shown Bloodied After Strip Club Altercation

Sterling Brown / Instagram
By Mario Perez

Back on April 19, it was reported that Sterling Brown a player for the Houston Rockets had been in an altercation outside of a strip club. The reports indicated that Brown needed hospitalization after he was hit with a bottle in the head.

The new footage that was taken from a police bodycam shows just how bad the altercation got. Brown can be seen trying to control the heavy bleeding with his shirt. As his companion has a heated argument with the police.

What Happened Before The Police Arrived

Sterling Brown / Instagram

At the time of the attack, Brown mentioned that he did not see clearly what had happened. Apparently, a man out of nowhere ran up on him and hit him in the head with a glass bottle, and then ran off.

From what the footage shows police arrived on the scene to find the confused Brown and his teammate Kevin Porter Jr. The two men proceeded to have an argument with the police officers on the scene before Brown was ultimately taken to the hospital.

According to Houston radio show personality Andy Slater who released the video on Twitter the police are launching an investigation into the verbal altercation between the NBA players and the police. That's why the video was released without the original audio track.

At this time it's not exactly clear what the police and the NBA players were discussing. Presumably, police found the story of someone sneaking up on Brown and then running off hard to believe. This is sadly not the first time Brown has had problems with the police.

Sterling Brown's Other Police Interactions

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Brown seems to be the type of person that is continuously in the wrong place at the wrong time. Back in 2018, he was the NBA player that was wrongfully tased and subsequently subdued by police in Milwaukee when he played for the local team the Bucks.

From the looks of things, his past experiences have certainly made his interactions with police difficult. We are still waiting to hear what exactly is being investigated by the Police about the conversation that the players had with officers.

No Word From The Rockets

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The Houston Rockets the team that Brown plays for has yet to release a public statement regarding the video. On the day of the incident, the team's head coach did issue a comment on Brown's situation.

He acknowledged that the team had learned of what had happened and that the injuries Brown had sustained were going to keep him away from the court for some time. Sterling Brown was with the team on a Miami road trip when the altercation took place.

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