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Janet Jackson's Infamous Super Bowl Incident Will Have Its Own Documentary

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By Mario Perez

In the last few years, documentary makers have been exploiting 90's and early 2000's nostalgia with different productions that explore some of the most shocking storylines of the decade. Last year we walked down memory lane with The Last Dance documentary and explored Micheal Jordan at the peak of his powers.

This year, we dove into Britney Spears hay day with "Framing Britney Spears". Now the producers from the hit documentary want to explore a particular incident in the 2000s that changed network T.V. Janet Jackson's nipple slip controversy at the Super Bowl.

Remembering The Moment

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For those of you that were not around or fully conscious back in 2004 here is a quick recap of what happened. Long story short, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were booked to appear in that year's Super Bowl halftime show. At the time the show was put together by MTV. Back when the network was actually popular.

It was someone's bright idea to have Timberlake rip off Janet's wardrobe exposing one of her breasts. This was way before Miley Cyrus performances became a thing and these types of situations happened in just about every concert you go to. The backlash from the incident was immense.

What We Know About The Production

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According to reports producers from the"Framing Britney" documentary have already begun reaching out to dancers and all of the people who worked behind the scenes in the production of the Super Bowl show.

The documentary itself would focus on the fall out of the ordeal. At the time there were a considerable amount of lawsuits directed at Viacom the company that owned MTV. Because of course, you can make money from a sport that revolves around men tearing themselves to pieces, but god forbid, you show a nipple slip, that wouldn't be wholesome.

What Do These Guys Have Against Justin Timberlake?

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The "Framing Britney Spears" documentary series was produced by Jason Stallman, Sam Dolnick, and Stephanie Priess, and directed by Samantha Stark. These people are apparently not major fans of Justin Timberlake.

In the wake of the revelations made by their first documentary, Justin had to come out and issue a public apology. Now, the group is exploring another incident that could certainly cause Timberlake's image to suffer more blows. It's unclear at this point whether Justin will be involved in the production or will look to push against it being made.

What Has Janet Jackson Been Up To?

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Janet Jackson has still been pretty active in the last couple of years. She had a regency deal in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand in 2019 and has an upcoming bio documentary of her own titled "Janet" coming in 2021.

Recently she announced that she will be auctioning off several personal belongings through Julien's Auctions. The auction is going to take place from May 14th to 16th. It'll give fans a chance to buy a condom machine previously owned by Janet and a set of foreplay dice. These are presumably previously used items!

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