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Lil' Nas X's 'Satan Shoes' Halted From Production Due To Nike's Lawsuit

By Mike Walters

Lil' Nas X's 'Satan Shoes' are being halted from fulfilling orders after a judge ordered the company who makes the controversial sneakers to stop while a lawsuit brought on by Nike is worked out.

According to multiple reports, Nike filed for a temporary restraining order against MSCHF who is manufacturing the custom sneakers -- after claiming the shoes violated their trademarks by using the Nike swoosh.

As you know, LNX and the company designed a show which is a modified version of the Nike Air Max 97.

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Judge Orders Halt Of Production Of Lil' Nas X's 'Satan Shoes'


As we reported, Lil' Nas X collaborate with the company to create a devil-themed version of the shoe to correspond to the release of his new music video.

The shoes are decorated with pentagram pendants and have a Bible version printed on the side which references Satan's fall from heaven. Plus, according to the company, a drop of real blood was added to each shoe which was provided by an employee of the company.

The company produced 666 pairs of custom shoes but will have to wait to ship some of them to the paying customers.

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Nike Alleges The Shoes Violate It's Copyright


As we reported, Nike filed a federal trademark lawsuit against the company, arguing the shoes diluted the brand after people blamed them for producing the controversial shoes. Nike was quick to issue a statement saying they did NOT make the shoes and were not involved with Lil' Nas X.

So, a judge in the case ordered the halt of delivery of the shoes, an early win for Nike in this case. Of course, the case is ongoing, and it's unclear if the company will be forced to scrap the project entirely or not.

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Company Claims It Is 'An Unwarranted Association With Satanism'


"When the reasonable consumer sees a Nike Swoosh on a shoe or sees the NIKE word mark in advertising for a shoe, it is inevitable that he will believe Nike is the source of that shoe," the company said in a legal filing.

Adding, "MSCHF’s conduct has caused immense confusion about the source of MSCHF’s infringing shoes and tarnished Nike’s brand with an unwarranted association with satanism."

The shoe company responded, saying, "MSCHF has made clear that the Satan Shoes are a collaboration with Lil Nas X, not with Nike, -- adding, the public and customers are "well aware of MSCHF's approach to art."

The case is ongoing.

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