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Sofia Vergara’s Ex Nick Loeb Loses Court Battle Over Their Frozen Embryos

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By Ryan Naumann

“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara scored a huge victory against her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb with a judge deciding he can't use their frozen embryos without her consent.

According to reports, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge recently issued a ruling in the years-long battle with the actress and her ex. The order permanently blocked Nick from using any of the frozen embryos they stored while they were still a couple.

The judge said Nick cannot bring any of the embryos to live without Sofia’s permission.

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The judge presiding over the case granted Sofia a permanent injunction. The court found the contract they both signed with the fertility clinic back in 2013 is valid and enforceable. Sofia and Nick broke up in 2014. The actress has had to deal with Nick filing multiple lawsuits in different states over the matter. Every one of his lawsuits was thrown out of court for various reasons.

For the past couple of years, the two have been involved with dueling lawsuits.

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During their relationship, Sofia and Nick decided to freeze embryos in case they wanted to have children. The contract they signed states both parties must agree before the embryos can be brought to life. Sofia and Nick broke up without ever having used the embryos.

In his lawsuits, the gist of his argument was he wanted to bring the embryos to life without Sofia’s consent. He tried to say he pro-life and didn't like the idea of his children sitting there without being brought to life.

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At one point, Sofia brought up Nick's ex-girlfriends having abortions. He dismissed one case shortly after the revelation was brought up in court.

In the case Nick brought in Louisana, the judge scolded Sofia's ex for even bringing the suit in the state. He wrote, “Since the pre-embryos, in this case, are not and never were in a Louisiana facility, Louisiana’s Human Embryo Statue does not apply to them, and they cannot be considered proper party plaintiffs in this case.”

The legal battle is officially over.

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