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Tom Cruise Deepfake TikTok Freaks People Out

By Ryan Naumann

A deepfake Tom Cruise is churning out videos on TikTok and causing people to lose their minds.

Over the past couple of days, the account @deepTomCruise has been sharing scary clips of a fake Tom Cruise doing various things like golfing, talking to the camera, and walking around. A deepfake is defined as, "Deepfakes are synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else's likeness."

At the moment, the account has over 222,000 followers with nearly a million likes.


"Deep fakes are getting scary good and taking over TikTok. Every public figure should just be on there with a verified account - even if they don’t want to make content - to make it easier to identify their fakes," remarked a concerned social media user.

Another believed the DeepFake would be used for bad. They believe, "You know, very soon now, Republicans will start claiming their embarrassing, corrupt recordings were deep fakes. It's literally right around the corner. Another misinformation pitfall to contend with. Fox will start airing deep fakes of Democrats as real news, etc. Get ready."


One person claimed to find the source of the deepfake. They commented, "Found the deepfake tom cruise guy. It's @milesfisher, an actor and coffee subscription executive, and a Tom Cruise impersonator, with a deepfake over him. His personal website links to the fake Tom Cruise tiktok that's going around."

Another wrote, "That Tom Cruise golf deepfake on TikTok is so good I am too scared to share it. Oh man."

"Have a look at this to convince yourself that the era of video-being-evidence is over. If your boss tell you to transfer $10m during the video-call, do not," said another concerned person.

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"Just had a flashback to a video I saw last night where it talked about how that virtual reality version of tom cruise on tiktok is actually terrifying because it could severely mess with the perception of reality in the future and now I'm spiraling in my office," said one Twitter user.

The reaction didn't stop there. Others feared the technology writing, "Don't RT the Tom Cruise deepfake. It's convincing but still fake. This technology is dangerous and will be abused by bad actors. I don't trust Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or other social media platforms to identify, flag, and take them down as quickly as they should.

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