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1. Tall Order

Momoa has been protesting the proposed construction of a powerful telescope being erected on top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. And he's got plenty of other Hawaii residents, who say the mountain is sacred, in his corner on the subject.

2. Dad Bod Schmad Bod

Gettyimages | Chris Hyde

Remember when Momoa was shamed for his "dad bod"? Some were saying he was just letting himself go.

He does, in fact, have a regular, really buff body, but it's apparently inadequate for some people.

Lay off Momoa, because 1. he is a dad and 2. he's taking the summer off and enjoying himself, so he should be allowed to look and dress however he wants.

3. Writing's On the Abs

For those who have criticized Momoa for his looks, as well as for those supporting the telescope's construction, he's sending special messages.

Moma wrote on said "dad bod" a message with the phrase "TMT + CANARY ISLANDS + DISCOVER," to suggest that Thirty Meter Telescope check out other places to put their telescope besides Mauna Kea.

But in the tweet he also wrote "How's that for a dad body?"

4. A Serious Debate

Hawaii Gov. David Ige has sided with TMT, saying:

“The Maunakea Observatories represent an invaluable sector for Hawaii Island and our entire state..."

"The state remains committed to re-opening the Maunakea Access Road intersection as an immediate priority. The state stands behind the more than 500 employees’ efforts to bring the telescopes back online to begin astronomical observations again.”

Hopefully we'll find out soon whether a. people will stop bugging Momoa about his body and b. officials come to a clear decision soon about that telescope.

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