Tekashi 6ix9ine Prepping to Testify Against Former Crew, Jury Asked If They Care Rapper Is a Snitch

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By Mike Walters on August 24, 2019 at 2:50 PM EDT

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Prosecutors in the case against Tekashi 6ix9ine and his co-defendents from the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods want to ask potential jurors in the upcoming trial if they care that the rapper sang like a canary while in custody.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, federal prosecutors have filed the questions that they would like to ask during jury selection.

The reason for the loaded question is to gauge whether anyone on the jury can be fair and impartial.

Interestingly, a section of the questioning will deal with the federal investigators and cops using "confidential informants," like Tekashi, and how the jury may feel about somebody who turned in all their former cohorts.

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Tekashi is not specifically on trial in this case, but he will be a cooperating witness, so officials want to find out how the public feels about his cooperation.

One of the questions reads:

"Do you have any strong feelings about confidential informants that would affect your ability to be fair and impartial in this case?"

Another question informs potential jurors that,

"You may hear testimony in this case from cooperating witnesses, that is, witnesses who at one time were involved in illegal activity, but who have now pled guilty to crimes and are testifying on behalf of the Government in the hope of receiving a lower sentence."

It continues,

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"I instruct you that the use of such a cooperating witness is perfectly legal and may often be a necessary law enforcement tool. Do any of you have any experience with or feelings about the use of cooperating witnesses generally, or the use of evidence or information obtained from cooperating witnesses, that would make it difficult for you to render a fair and impartial verdict if you heard testimony from a cooperating witness?"

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As we previously reported, the rainbow-haired rapper has pleaded guilty to several felonies, and has turned confidential informant in this case in the hopes of reducing his own sentence.

Even though he has been saving his own butt by knocking off his former gang associates, Tekashi has been getting a ton of criticism for snitching on everyone.

He faces a minimum of 47 years in prison, which could be drastically reduced by the judge for helping the prosecution get guilty convictions on the other defendants.

The trial is scheduled to begin in September for two other gang members charged in the case against the violent street gang, Aljermiah Mack, aka “Nuke,” and Anthony Ellison, aka “Harv."

Ellison worked as part of 6ix9ine’s management

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The trial is set to be a media frenzy, especially in the hip-hop community.

In fact, another question to the jury from prosecutors addresses the attention the case has already received.

"This case has generated some media attention. Have any of you read, seen, or heard anything – in the newspaper, on the Internet, or on TV or the radio – about this case?" the question states.

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Prosecutors also want to make sure anyone who ultimately serves on the jury avoids the news articles, press and other media coverage that the case will get.

They even mention staying off social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, "until after the case is over."

One of the biggest reasons the case will be so big -- it's been months since anyone has even seen Tekashi or his rainbow locks, and everyone is wondering what his physical appearance may be after spending months in federal custody.

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