Kate Beckinsale takes a selfie.

Kate Beckinsale, 50, Shows Off Fit Body In Her Tiny Bikini On 'Girls Trip'

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By Alisan Duran on July 9, 2024 at 12:00 PM EDT

Kate Beckinsale offered a glimpse into her girls' holiday with a series of stunning swimwear snapshots shared on her Instagram page this Monday!

The 50-year-old English actress radiated confidence in her recent photos, showcasing herself in a striking orange bikini during her vacation with friends.

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Kate Beckinsale Puts Her Curves On Display

Beckinsale confidently flaunted her toned physique in the chic two-piece ensemble, accessorized with her recent signature touch: an oversized black bow.

The "Underworld" star, known for her iconic roles and timeless beauty, showcased a sophisticated look during her recent outing. Kate Beckinsale elegantly arranged her highlighted brunette hair in an updo that exuded a vintage 1960s charm. Her choice of hairstyle not only framed her features but also added a touch of retro elegance to her ensemble.

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All Glammed Up On Holiday

To enhance her glamorous appearance, Beckinsale opted for a carefully applied coat of makeup, highlighting her natural beauty with a hint of sophistication. This makeup choice complemented her radiant complexion and emphasized her features with a touch of glamour suitable for a holiday setting.

As her day progressed, Beckinsale further accessorized her look with white heart-shaped sunglasses, adding a playful and stylish element to her attire. These sunglasses not only shielded her eyes from the sun but also contributed to her overall chic and fashionable appearance.

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Accessorizing That Tiny Two-Piece

Additionally, Beckinsale adorned herself with a selection of gold jewelry, enhancing her outfit with understated elegance. The choice of gold accents provided a subtle yet luxurious contrast against her vibrant bikini and highlighted her impeccable sense of style.

In certain shots, Beckinsale accessorized her look with an orange shawl draped elegantly around her shoulders, complementing her ensemble alongside a pair of chunky biker-style boots that added a touch of edgy sophistication.

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Beating The Heat

Later, Beckinsale enjoyed a relaxing dip in the pool, captured in an image where she gazes contemplatively towards the serene forest surroundings. The post, captioned "Girls trip/60's vibes/breathing," encapsulated the essence of her tranquil getaway.

One poignant detail in the shot was the glimpse of Beckinsale's small tattoo featuring the eyes of her late pet, Clive, a beloved cat who passed away the previous year. This subtle tribute reflected her enduring love and remembrance for her furry companion, adding a heartfelt layer to the picturesque moment captured during her holiday.

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An Eventful July 4th Holiday

Following an eventful Independence Day celebration, Beckinsale found herself in a bit of a predicament after sustaining an injury while searching for her dog, Myf. The actress shared on Instagram a video clip showing a friend tending to her bleeding leg after she fell from her towering knee-high platforms during the search.

Earlier, Beckinsale had posted a photo of her tiny Pomeranian, Myf, with a plea for help, stating, "Myf has gone missing. If anyone finds her in the Beverly Hills area, please can you DM me. Thank you so much." It appeared that Myf had been startled by the July 4th fireworks and had bolted away.

After an intense search, Myf was eventually found, and Beckinsale held the Pomeranian in her arms, expressing a mix of relief and frustration.

"She's back, ow, you really hurt my knee, Myf you f------ scared the sh-- out of us. F------ July 4, Joe, Jesus Christ. What do you have to say for yourself?" Beckinsale exclaimed, addressing her dog in a moment that captured the emotional rollercoaster of the search and reunion.

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