Olivia Dunne poses for the camera on the balcony.

Olivia Dunne In Her Plunging Tank Top Announces LSU Gymnastics Return

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By Alisan Duran on July 9, 2024 at 7:00 AM EDT

Olivia Dunne, the 21-year-old LSU gymnast, has exciting news for her fans: she's returning to compete for a fifth year at LSU!

Dunne shared her decision on social media Monday, captivating her followers with a heartfelt message and a nostalgic video.

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Olivia Dunne Makes A Special Announcement On Social Media

Dunne's announcement was accompanied by the caption "not Dunne yet," a clever play on words that highlighted her determination and ongoing journey. The video she posted featured a poignant letter addressed to LSU fans, which she read aloud, narrating a montage of clips from her impressive previous four years of competition.

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A Heartfelt Message

In the video, Dunne expressed her gratitude and excitement, reflecting on her experiences and achievements at LSU. The clips showcased her dedication, hard work, and the memorable moments that have defined her collegiate gymnastics career. Her heartfelt message and the nostalgic footage resonated deeply with her fans and supporters, who have followed her journey closely.

"Dear LSU,

These past four years have changed my life. There’s something about putting on a purple and gold leotard. There's something about competing in front of 13,000 screaming Tiger fans. There's something about being pushed by your coaches to do your very best. And there's something about being part of a team that made school history.

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No matter how many opportunities come my way off the mat, there's just something about LSU. And that's why I'm here to say, I'm not Dunne yet.

Here's to Year Five, baby."

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Continuing The Journey

Dunne's decision to return for a fifth year underscores her commitment to the sport and her team. Her announcement has generated significant buzz, with fans eagerly anticipating her continued contributions to LSU gymnastics.

As she prepares for another year of competition, Dunne's dedication and passion promise to inspire both her teammates and her supporters.

This announcement not only highlights Dunne's impressive athletic career but also emphasizes her deep connection to LSU and its community. Her return for a fifth year is a testament to her love for the sport and her determination to continue excelling at the highest level.

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Making History

Competing in the uneven bars and floor routine, Dunne played a crucial role in the LSU women's gymnastics team's groundbreaking victory, as they clinched their first-ever national championship in April. At the NCAA championships, the Tigers emerged victorious, surpassing Cal, with Utah and Florida finishing in third and fourth places, respectively.

Dunne has consistently earned a spot on the SEC Academic Honor Roll throughout her four years at LSU.

NCAA's Top Earner

In addition to the chance to compete for another national title under coach Jay Clark, the SI Swimsuit model has several personal incentives for returning to LSU for a fifth year. She is among the most marketable athletes in college sports, with enormous followings on TikTok and Instagram that outstrip those of any other NCAA competitor.

Consequently, Dunne ranks among the highest earners in the realm of NIL among NCAA athletes, securing millions of dollars annually.

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