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Diddy's Latest Accuser Demands A Tell-All Interview

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 9, 2024 at 7:40 AM EDT

Fans won't hear the behind-the-scenes details about Diddy's latest lawsuit, except some demands are met.

Adria English, an alleged victim of the music producer's sex trafficking scheme, is refusing to tell her story without the fulfillment of strict demands. The former adult film star filed a lawsuit against the embattled rapper last week, making many curious about her.

The newest allegations against Diddy marks another stain in his controversial image; however, he happily hops on private jets amid the drama.

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Diddy's Alleged Victim Wants Star Treatment Before Spilling The Tea

Diddy arrives at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Although English detailed harrowing incidents in her lawsuit, multiple interviewers reportedly wished to hear her tragic encounter with Diddy directly from her mouth. The list included podcast star Domenick Nati, who received a shocking list from the alleged victim's team.

According to sources, English's reps sent a series of demands for her appearance on Nati's show, from her transportation to residency. She reportedly asked for two first-class flights from L.A. to NYC for herself and her husband and two flights for her attorneys.

The list continued with a two-night stay at a 4-star hotel, preferably with breakfast included. Then, she requested hair, makeup, and wardrobe services from specific vendors to prepare for the interview, plus meals.

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For the interview, English's team noted that she needed meals and snacks throughout the day of shooting. Her demands were too much for Nati, who, per TMZ, backed out of featuring her on his podcast.

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Adria English's Attorney Defends Her Demands

Diddy seen as guest at Jimmy Kimmel Show

It is unclear if English's demands will send other interviewers running as Nati did; however, her lawyer believes there is nothing wrong with the list. Ariel Mitchell-Kidd clarified that her client did not come up with the list, but her team made it.

Nonetheless, Mitchell-Kidd noted the list contained standard industry requests that would allow English to spill the tea in a comfortable environment.

"Everyone is making money off her story, so her team gave her options, and this is the list they came up with," the attorney explained.

"There was more on the list, but it was chopped down to be essentials only for a 1st interview," Mitchell-Kidd added, stressing that her client did not have "an abundance of means to conduct press."

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Diddy's Alleged Victim Wants To 'Fight Like David'

Diddy at BET Awards 2022

According to English's attorney, fighting against Diddy is an expensive venture, one the alleged victim plans to win like a Biblical character. In Mitchell-Kidd's words:

"We have limited financial sources to bring a billionaire to justice, but just like David, sometimes a little is enough."

English's lawsuit against Diddy made waves earlier this month, with The Blast reporting she accused him of grooming her into sex trafficking. According to the documents, the duo first met at a modeling audition in 2004.

The Bad Boy founder allegedly pressured English, her boyfriend, and another model into performing sexual acts to secure modeling gigs. But when her beau refused, he was offered a job under the condition that English worked as a "go-go dancer" at Diddy's Hampton parties.

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English Claims Diddy Promised To Advance Her Career

Diddy at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards

English stressed that she initially did not engage in sex with party guests but was gradually "groomed" into the role of a sex worker. She claimed Diddy forced her into engaging in sexual acts at his events, threatening to ruin her career if she refused.

The former porn star noted that she was rewarded with an additional $1,000 for compliance, and Diddy also promised to advance her career, including opportunities in the music industry.

However, these vows came with threats and coercive tactics to ensure her cooperation. The record producer allegedly made good on his word when English moved to California in 2009 by blackballing her and her boyfriend from the entertainment industry as punishment.

Diddy Hops On Private Jet Amid Lawsuits

Diddy shows off his private jet
Instagram Stories | Diddy

Following English's allegations, The Blast reported that Diddy seemed unbothered by her lawsuit in an Instagram Story update. He flaunted his wealth in a video, capturing him boarding a sleek, black private jet.

The embattled rapper asked the pilot, "How are you doing?" as he stepped onto the jet, receiving a fist bump and reciprocated greetings. Then he showed off a large rug labeled "Combs Air" before declaring, "There's no place like home."

It was unclear where Diddy was jetting off to; however, his departure came at the heels of reports about his criminal investigation. Sources confirmed he was under the law's radar, with charges expected to drop soon.

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