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Diddy Slammed With Another Sex-Related Lawsuit Amid Move For Hollywood Exit

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 3, 2024 at 4:52 PM EDT
Updated on July 3, 2024 at 5:13 PM EDT

Diddy, who is reportedly looking to ditch the limelight of Hollywood, has another challenge — a new sex trafficking lawsuit. 

The lawsuit spells double the trouble for the star, who had reportedly listed his massive Holmby Hills mansion and even distanced himself from his company. 

Amidst mounting sexual assault allegations, this new lawsuit adds another layer of complexity to Diddy's life. 

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Sex Trafficking Suit Added To Diddy's Growing Legal Woes

Diddy arrives at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Amidst explosive allegations, Adria English, known by her stage name Omunique, has filed a lawsuit against Diddy, his company Bad Boy, and others. 

She is claiming that she was coerced into sex trafficking at Diddy's infamous parties. Initially, Adria admitted that she did not engage in sex with party guests but was gradually "groomed" into the role of a sex worker over time.

It all allegedly began in 2004 when she met Diddy during a Sean John modeling audition. According to Adria, Diddy purportedly pressured her into engaging in sexual acts at his events, threatening to ruin her career if she refused. 

Documents obtained by TMZ detail disturbing incidents, including claims of grooming and forced intercourse with Jacob Arabov, known as "Jacob the Jeweler." 

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Adria noted that she was rewarded with an additional $1,000 for compliance. The former adult film star also implicates Tamiko Thomas, likening her role to Ghislaine Maxwell in Jeffrey Epstein's scandal, as facilitating Diddy's alleged sex trafficking operation.

The lawsuit, filed by attorneys Ariel Mitchell-Kidd, Esq. and Steven Metcalf, Esq., seeks unspecified damages for the emotional and psychological distress Adria has endured.

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Adria English Details Disturbing Initiation Into Diddy's World 

Diddy seen as guest at Jimmy Kimmel Show

In the lawsuit, Adria detailed additional harrowing encounters where she claimed her boyfriend and another model were allegedly pressured to perform sexual acts on Diddy to secure modeling jobs.

According to the plaintiff, when her boyfriend refused, another associate reportedly offered him a job under the condition that Adria work as a "go-go dancer" at one of Diddy's lavish parties in the Hamptons.

Adria asserts that they complied, working at Diddy's white party over Labor Day weekend in 2004. She claims to have subsequently attended other events where she was encouraged to drink alcohol laced with drugs like ecstasy and engage flirtatiously with guests. 

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The lawsuit includes photographic evidence of her presence at these events. Moreover, Adria claims Diddy made promises to advance her career, including opportunities in the music industry.

However, she asserted that these offers were accompanied by threats and coercive tactics to ensure compliance. 

Despite relocating to California in 2009, Adria believes that Diddy retaliated by blackballing her and her boyfriend from the entertainment industry as punishment.

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Diddy's Move For $70 Million Mansion Sale Amid Legal Woes

Media Gathers Outside Of P Diddy's LA Home which was raided yesterday by federal agents

Despite his legal drama, Diddy is reportedly making moves to sell his lavish Holmby Hills mansion for a staggering $70 million. 

The Blast shared that the sprawling estate, which made headlines earlier this year when it was raided by federal agents, is now being offered for an off-market sale. 

Diddy's mansion, which spans an impressive 17,000 square feet, was purchased by the rap mogul in 2014 for a substantial sum.

The house boasts opulent features, including 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a 35-seat theater, a gym, and a wine room. It also includes a sizable 3,000-square-foot guest house.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the mansion's lagoon-style pool, which includes an underwater swimming tunnel, a basketball half-court, and meticulously landscaped gardens.

Diddy has reportedly kept the mansion current with modern interior finishes despite it being over a decade.

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Federal Raid Left Diddy's Mansion In Chaos

Diddy Leaving The Corinthia Hotel

ICYMI, the decade-old home, was raided by federal law enforcement agents in March, leaving a scene of disarray in their wake.

During the raid, agents conducted a thorough search of the mansion, tearing through electronics and meticulously inspecting every corner in search of evidence for their investigation.

Striking photos captured the aftermath, which revealed a chaotic scene. The producer's children's rooms were not spared from the intrusion, with teddy bears and stuffed animals left everywhere. 

Sources close to the incident reported "significant property damage," highlighting the intensity of the federal search.

Diddy Sells Off Revolt Stake Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Sean Combs P.Diddy seen leaving a business meeting for REVOLT

Diddy not only faced the challenge of selling his home but also made significant moves to distance himself from his business ventures.This included selling his majority stake in Revolt, the company he co-founded in 2013.

Last month, The Blast reported that the sale of his shares in Revolt marked a complete dissociation from the media company. 

Detavio Samuels, Revolt's chief executive, confirmed that Sean Combs, commonly known as Diddy, no longer held any shares or equity in the company. "All of Sean Combs's shares have been redeemed and retired," stated Samuels. 

He further emphasized that Diddy had relinquished all official roles within Revolt, including his position as chairman and his membership on the board of directors.

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In his own words, "He is no longer chairman. He is no longer on the board. He has no shares,no equity in Revolt. We have completely separated and dissociated from each other."

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